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  • September 02

  • Lynette Thibeau Would anyone be willing to share their Best-Practice info on Lawson item descriptions for non-version10 users? Our inventory department and some others are having issue with the part number not being in the description for them to search. I don't feel it's best practice but I would like some arguments for and against to argue my point.
    about 10 hours ago
  • Jey has joined Inforum 2014
    about 10 hours ago
  • Walt A S3 SysAdmin Black Belts I am attempting to install the Lawson 9.01.13 environment on Windows 2008 Server using AD LDS. I am getting an error in the installation of the LSFCT.jar file on the screen to enter the Organization for the RMdata. I did not create the DN to hold the RMdata before hand. I created: the base DN: cn=lwsn,dc=methodisthospitals,dc=org a container to hold the RMdata organization object: cn=Metadata I changed the schema to set container as the superior to organization. When attempting to step to the next screen, I get the error: Failed LDAP parent DN lookup test. couldn't find 0=lwsnrmdata,cn=Metadata,cn=lwsn,dc=methodisthospitals,dc=org. Can someone give me the correct procedure to use so the installation can add the Lawson metadata to AD LDS? Thanks.
    about 11 hours ago
  • September 01

  • Smyleela Brawn Do you happen to know or can you help with Lawson M3 "MForms" error?
    a day ago
  • Smyleela Rich_Burke Maybe you can help me with simple error in Lawson M3 with "MForms" error?
    a day ago
  • Smyleela Trying to work from home and getting "MForms" error. Does anyone know of a quick fix?
    a day ago
  • Smyleela Trying to work from home and getting "MForms" error. Does anyone know of a quick fix?
    a day ago
  • August 31

  • John Henley created an article titled Employees Willing to Give Up Perks for Telecommuting
    a day ago Comment
  • John Henley created an article titled Inside the Board Room
    a day ago Comment
  • John Henley created an article titled Business Innovation Lessons From NASA
    a day ago Comment
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Business Innovation Lessons From NASA
The Saturn V moon rocket, designed to fly Apollo astronauts to the moon, was 363 feet tall and was one of the most powerful rockets ever built. Yet, just eight years before the launch, NASA's leadership and engineers were intimidated by President Kennedy's 1961 declaration that we would land Americans on the moon by the end of the decade. Later, they'd confess that in those early days, they "did not even know what they did not know."
Baseline Magazine, May 15, 2014
Inside the Board Room
CIOs who serve on external boards sharpen their business skills, gain new perspective and even pick up a few great ideas.
CIO Magazine, May 1, 2014
Employees Willing to Give Up Perks for Telecommuting
Ten percent of the Staples survey respondents said they would take a salary reduction to keep the telecommuting benefit.
eWeek, June 6, 2014

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