Worthwhile Reading
What Does It Take To Be A Real IT Leader?
What it means to achieve true leadership in IT by balancing the transformational and the transactional.
Information Week, September 8, 2016
ERP Can Help Transform Finance
Finance and accounting departments are particularly resistant to change, yet because almost no corporations use adding machines or typewriters any more, it’s clear that transformative change can happen.
Information Management, October 6, 2016
How Meetings and Emails Hurt Productivity, Morale
Employees are spending a significantly smaller portion of their workday focusing on their primary job duties, and that's keeping them in the office longer, according to a recent survey from Workfront.
Baseline Magazine, November 11, 2016
9 Ways IT Can Ruin Its Relationship With The Business
Aligning IT and business units sounds fantastic in theory. But when the rubber meets the road, IT leaders face unique challenges as they strive to engage and collaborate with business-side colleagues.
Information Week, September 6, 2016
Can Hospitals Stay Cyber-Healthy?
Lab tests and diagnostics, medical staff shifts, surgery schedule, patient history – all this data is now hosted, for the most part, in a digital environment. The era of endless file cabinets has come to an end. Which would explain why modern hospitals and laboratories have become one of the most enticing targets for cybercriminals everywhere. Just imagine what someone could do if he or she had access to all that information.
Information Management, September 29, 2016
Get to Know Enterprise Spreadsheets to Improve Business Effectiveness
Enterprise spreadsheets are designed to provide the best of both worlds in that they offer the ease of use and flexibility of desktop spreadsheets while overcoming their defects – chiefly inability to maintain data integrity, lack of referential integrity and dimensionality, absence of workflow and process controls, limited security and access controls as well as poor auditability. All of these issues can cause serious problems for business use.
Information Management, September 30, 2016
How To Retain Top IT Talent
If your organization can't move beyond traditional work hours, it may have trouble keeping valuable tech employees happy. Here's what IT leaders need to know.
Information Week, August 31, 2016
How to Get the Biggest Bang From Your BI Data
Through investments in business intelligence systems, organizations are benefiting from improved statistical analysis, data management and visualization.
Baseline Magazine, September 6, 2016
Self-Service Analytics: A Boon for Business Users
Business analysis tools no longer fall within the exclusive domain of data scientists, as line-of-business users are tapping the power of self-service analytics.
Baseline Magazine, August 2016
What Do Finance Executives Want From IT?
A significant number of finance executives think legacy technology is holding back their company, and they want better IT solutions to boost staff productivity.
Baseline Magazine, May 17, 2016