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Last Post 1/7/2022 5:43 PM by  twinsmomma
Design Studio Chrome modifications
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1/7/2022 5:43 PM

    Wtih the new changs for alert and confirm statements, I'm using portalWnd.cmnDlg.messageBox.   I'm trying to do a pop up message when someone is trying to submit a job, if they cancel, I want it to focus the Post date.    So what is happening now, they submit , the popup appears but is now showing behind the submission screen instead of the top (like the old messages appeard).   What we want is for the pop up message to come up and if they choose ok, the Submit pop up will appear and if cancel, don't submit.    It's submitting the job regardles of the cancel.   

    The documentation says HTml based dialogs do not stop processing, is there anyway to get around this?   Also is there a way to have pop up message appear further up on the screen?  

    Thanks in advance!