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Last Post 7/15/2022 2:34 PM by  Demi
local admin rights
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7/15/2022 2:34 PM

       Following the times....Recently, we have undergone a drastic management turnover, many knowledgable personnel have retired or resigned, leaving us with minimal, inexperienced staff.  Once, we were our own independent department, now we are operating under IT. Our Systems Administrator and Project Manager are now gone and hopefully enjoying the 'good' life ; while we are trying our best to keep the ship sailing. Some of our staff are still learning as we go.  Now we are being asked by IT, who needs local admin rights and why? I understand the great neccessity of securing the environment and also the accountablility of individuals access. We are a small department of 3, down from 6, and people still need to continue to support our system; especially with all the changes coming down the pike and also the 'End of Life' cycles.

       I'm not a systems administrator, so I yield to this forum for any information, also to inquire as to how others have their systems set up to maintain secured access. Our products and versions: MS Add-ins 10.0.7, Lawson Core, Portal 10.0.10, LID 10.0.7, Lawson Security 10.0, Lawson Apps 10 MSP 7, LBP 9.0.1, Crystal Server 2016 SP4 with Deisgner 2011 R3, Design Studio 10.0.9, EMSS 10.0.8,  RQC 10.0.8, LBI (Framework, SmartNotes, Reporting Services),  Landmark Runtime, IPD and IPA 11.0.21, Mingle Foundation 11.1.13,  Infor Security Admin & Infor Sercurity Services 11.0.