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Last Post 03/22/2018 4:03 PM by  NHBB
How to update work assignment when position is updated
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03/22/2018 4:03 PM


    Hi, our mission is to reduce the number of elements available to an HR generalist for certain actions such that less has to be approved by central DOP.  For example, an action to change only the location would not have to be approved by central DOP.  Currently a change location is done via the RequestPositionUpdate, which has many elements on it.  Central DOP has to verify that nothing other than the location is changed on a RequestPositionUpdate form and then approves the work unit.

    In configuration console under the Position Business Class we have created an action request ChangeLocation and an associated form.  We added a service that invokes a copy of the RequestPositionUpdate IPA flow (does not route to DOP).  This configuration correctly routes to an agency inbasket for approval and updates the position.  However, it does not update the associated work assignment.

    If I update a location in a position record directly (open a position, set the effective date, update the location, submit) and then view the full audit log for the resource/work assignment with that position it shows the update with the action "UpdateFromPositionOrJob".  It appears to us that this action (UpdateFromPositionOrJob) is what we are missing from our new ChangeLocation action request, although the business class for this action request is Position and we see "invoke UpdateFromPositionOrJob" in the base LPL for Position.

    Any thoughts on what we are missing?

    Thank you.