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Last Post 07/01/2021 1:08 PM by  Karla
multi HROrganization
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07/01/2021 1:08 PM

    Hello Lawson Guru community:

    We have our infor CS HCM environment running multiple HROrganization, though we did not plan for it thus we did not fully make the appropriate configuration changes. And now we are facing issues concerning the Infor Porcess Services and action requests (and the other services) not able to run properly. We have reviewed infor documentation in regards of this matter and we have not been able to find the right configuration.

    Here is my request: has anybody setup their environment to run multi HROrganization properly? If so, could you please provide us with some advice on the right configurations so our Porcess Service run properly, specially our data load.

    Thank you in advance.