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Last Post 5/15/2018 9:42 PM by  SWilkins
Staffing Firms
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L Neu
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4/26/2018 3:30 PM
    Hi All,

    Wondering if organizations routinely use staffing firms to find short term resources to help augment staff in the Supply Chain arena. If so can you recommend certain firms? Any feedback on new paradigm staffing as we get emails from them often.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Lori Neu
    Connecticut Children's Medical Center
    Admin Systems Architect
    Phoenix Children's Hospital
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    5/15/2018 9:42 PM
    Yes on a short term, as needed basis or to staff large projects. Just make sure to invest time in properly vetting the resources that are going to be assigned and don't hesitate to ask for a replacement before you invest a lot of time and money in someone that won't fit in the end.