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Last Post 6/7/2019 9:06 PM by  JohnDoe
GL65 JE Number
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6/7/2019 9:06 PM

    I tried to use GL65.1 to upload 2 separate journal entries in 1 workbook. While the upload was successful, Lawson assigned the same JE number to both entries. Is there a way to tell Lawson that they are separate JEs? As example:

    1) Sample1 Reclass 26,500

        Sample1 Reclass -26,500

    2) Sample2 Reclass 30,000

        Sample2 Reclass -30,000


    Lawson is assigning JE # 1 to each of these entries. Is there a way to tell Lawson they are separate entries so it assigns JE# 1 to Sample 1 and JE# 2 to Sample 2? Our Lawson system is currently set up to automatically assign the JE #.