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Last Post 08/03/2018 2:28 PM by  Erik G.
Vendor Return Form Question
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08/03/2018 2:28 PM

    Good Afternoon all,


    We are getting ready to start our upgrade from 9 to 10 and as part of that I am trying to do some general system cleanup.  One of the areas where we have let slide in the past is cleaning up old open Vendor Returns.  My question to all of you is what is the best way to close out returns where we were credited less then the value of the returned goods due to a restocking fee or some other issue.  These are already at the Waiting for Vendor action stage so I can't edit the return cost.  I thought about just using the close special action but I am not clear what it would do in this case.  Will it just close it out or will it create more work for our accounting by creating variances in the system?  


    Thanks in advance for your help,