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Last Post 12/15/2009 11:15 AM by  Jimmy Chiu
9.0.1 upgrade with Win 2008 issue
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beverly godwin
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12/11/2009 2:00 PM

    Our consultant has not found proper lawson documentation to do our 9.0.1 enviro upgrade with Windows 2008. He experienced trouble getting the IIS to work, so he is using the webserver: IBM webtool instead. We understand that this IBM webtool is certified to be used with UNIX, but not for windows. Lawson at this point is saying o.k. to continue on this path since it is working.

    Any experience out there on this? Could we hit issues as he loads on our 9.0.1 application or at some other point. I would think that if lawson has this all set up to use IIS and not the IBM webtool, that there must have been a reason and I fear that we may find out later.


    Jimmy Chiu
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    12/15/2009 11:15 AM

    Are you having trouble with getting the websphere plugin to work with IIS? Your question is kind of board.