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Last Post 11/01/2017 3:34 PM by  MikeCos
GL290 Conditional Rule for Company_Group
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11/01/2017 3:34 PM

    Is there a way to write a rule for GL290 to limit a user's access based on the companies in their user CompanyControl attribute versus the companies in the Company_Group?

    So, if the user enters a "Company Group" (that's been defined on GL11.1), the rule would compare the companies in the user's CompanyControl and allow access to GL290 if all the companies in the Company Group are present in the user's CompanyControl attribute.


    For example, the user enters "GL Close" in the "Company Group" field in GL290.  And in GL11.1, "GL Close" has three companies listed - 10, 20 & 30. 

    If the user has 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60 in their CompanyControl attribute, Lawson would allow the user to run the job because 10, 20 & 30 are in their CompanyControl.

    But, if the user only has 10, 40 & 60 in their CompanyControl, Lawson would not allow the user to run the job.


    Is there a way to write a rule for this logic?

    We're on Lawson v9.01.