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Last Post 02/20/2020 12:09 PM by  dmarone
PA52/PA54 Error Message: Work Count on history but not on action
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02/20/2020 12:09 PM
    Hi All.

    I'm a novice user of Lawson. I am working on reversing a JOB_CHANGE action via PA52.1, however when I try and process I get the error "Work County on history but not on action".
    On the PA52 this field is not listed under any of the Selected Items tabs. On the HR54.1, when I view data item 769 (work county) there is a blank history line that says it was changed by a personnel action with the same effective date of the action I am trying to reverse, so I am not able to add/or change the value there.
    When I locate the action on PA54.1 the field is listed (blank) and when I try and change the information it says "Can't process chg; most recent history will differ from emp."

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