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Last Post 12/16/2017 4:17 PM by  darwin collins
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Bev Edwards
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07/28/2017 2:23 PM

     How does this process work?


    I know you need an ftp address to transmit files in either direction, but I was looking for a more technical description.

    Kat V
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    07/28/2017 2:55 PM
    PO120 needs to have run and created an EDI flat file based on the ED10 envelope information and populates the NT segments based on the ED40.

    On ED10, you tell it the carrier to use. This is set up on ED02 and is what both the ED501 (0ut) and ED502 (in) use to connect to the ftp servers. Outside of that, I believe it's just moving the file to that ED02 FTP server.
    darwin collins
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    12/16/2017 4:17 PM
    Thanks for the info. In my case, I have been collecting info about PO120, Fax Integrator and ED501.
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