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Last Post 11/01/2017 10:50 AM by  Kat V
Cost Message Issue
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11/01/2017 8:10 AM

    Hello - We have an unusual cost message where both the UOM & cost are discrepant.  We want to accept invoice cost, but when we do, Lawson throws a Cannot Accept Message & Change Amount error (see attached).  I opened an incident with Infor & they advised to let the Unit Cost Amount default (we normally fill it in).  The default amount showed as 4.103, which is 410.2995/100, which matches up with the IC11 UOM conv factor.  This closed the message but MA60.3 showed as out of balance.  Now Infor is recommending a patch with no workaround available in the interim.  

    We did some testing on our own & if we used D-Adjust on MA66.3 the message would close, then go to MA60.  

    Is anyone running in to this today, & does it seem as though we need the patch, or does our process need to change instead?  Thanks.


    Kat V
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    11/01/2017 10:50 AM
    We have your screenshot occur. Example: PO and Receipt 5 EA @ $1 Invoice 1 BX @ $9.99 Usually because the end users grab an item and put in a guess at pricing on specials.

    We use D (Adjust) to invoice pricing and once matching is complete, go to PO20 and use V (Archive) on the PO line if it's not closed.

    It's two steps because the Adjust on MA66.3 only clears the cost. It's still only matched to 1. The other 4 on the receipt do not always close/clear the RNI. I'm not certain what dictates this in the matching side, but if it's still open Archive from PO20 will close it.
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