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Last Post 02/11/2020 9:07 AM by  Jeff N
IC135 Issues and Errors
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02/11/2020 9:07 AM

    Good morning,

    We have been looking using the IC135 report and have run into some issues with it. I am wondering if anyone was aware of these issues and if they have sucessfully resolved them.

    Most of the data for the IC135 report comes from the ICHISTORY table. It seems there was an issue with a version of Lawson in the past that would incorrectly calculate the monthly stock on hand fields and allow them to go below zero. We found this out as some lines on the report were reporting incorrectly due to a "divide by zero" error. Through a Lawson ticket, a Quickpaint screen and a short SQL query I have been able to fix all the issues I have found. I do have have a few items that do seem to be calculating incorrectly that I need to keep working on.

    Some of the concerning facts with the IC135 are:

    -If you have an item with no current year transactions, even if there is an inventory balance, the item will not show up on the IC135. So basically the "Inventory Turnover Report" doesn't report on all of your inventory. Lawson has stated this would be an enhancement.

    -If you use the "Turnover Rate" as reported in IC12, The PO135 report updates this number.

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