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Last Post 11/10/2017 1:29 PM by  Jeremy
Service PO Lines - Add Credit To Closed Line
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11/10/2017 1:29 PM

    Here's the scenario:

    A PO line is for an item type of quantity service; 3 EA at $100 each.  If we get an invoice in for all three and match it, the PO line will then close.

    But, we discover we the vendor only provided 2 of the the 3 servicings, so they give us a credit memo for one.


    We need to be able to match that credit memo back to the PO Line so that when the vendor does later provide the remaining service, they can invoice us for it and we can match it to the PO line.

    Is this at all possible?  If not, how do others handle this situation? 

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