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Last Post 07/21/2017 4:08 PM by  rhorn01
Budget Advisor/Kaufman Hall Reports
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07/21/2017 4:08 PM
    We converted to Infor/Lawson from PeopleSoft recently. In PS, we included PO line level in our Budget Advisor AP reports. Currently in Infor, we still include PO purchases in our month end AP BA reports; that current build summarizes PO data at the PO level for each GL account/AU (rather than PO line level detail). However, we have problems pulling in relevant description b/c the PO description available for us to use is not necessarily indicative of all the items purchased on the PO. This has led to lots of confusion for some end users. We think we have found a work around but it is an inefficient process. Also, we were advised that the AP report should not have PO items on it, but we wanted to see if anyone is currently showing PO purchases in their AP Budget Advisor Reports.

    Additionally, we are looking for any example reports people are willing to share to ensure we are using "best practices" in our BA reports.
    Any info is appreciated.

    You are not authorized to post a reply.