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Last Post 01/31/2020 3:39 PM by  Jeremy Curran CMRP
Sequence Number in IC81
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Jeremy Curran CMRP
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01/31/2020 3:39 PM
    I am having a hard time correcting bins in pars in lawson.

    I am correcting a par that has some jumbled bins.


    Current : Item#42119 Body Wash is Sequence number 290 and Bin 01D06

    I need to move this item to Bin 01D03

    However, there is already an item in 01D03 that i haven't updated yet, sequence 260.

    Do i really need to delete one of these to be able to move the other, then add back in correct bin? Also, that throws sequencing out of wack. Why is there even a sequence number when using a bin location?
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