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Last Post 02/17/2014 1:41 PM by  SP
LMRK Performance Tuning
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02/17/2014 1:41 PM
    My apologies in advance for the x-post, but I need to take the shotgun approach here hoping to hit something.

    I can't believe I'm going to post this question, but at this point I'm thinking why not, so here it goes.
    I am looking for feedback regarding performance tuning the LMRK GRID.

    Specifically I am interested in knowing what others have done to improve performance.  I am curious about max grid jvm size settings for the components listed below, as well as any overrides or specific settings that might have been set under Configuration Mangler->Applications->Application Landmark-mylmenv->Application Properties.  For example, pfi.dataAccessPoolmin, pfi.dispatcher.CorePoolSize, etc...

    Our current settings are listed below.  I listed the jvm heap size first for readiblity

    1024 = Async
    2048 = LmrkBLExecutor
    2048 = LmrkListExecutor
    4096 = LmrkInteractiveExecutor
    2048 = LmrkBatchExecutor
    4096 = LmrkListBatchExecutor
    512 = Lase
    2048 = LmrkDocument
    2048 = LmrkLCalc
    2048 = LPA

    Also, if you know where any good documentation can be found w.r.t. tuning LMRK, that would be awesome as well.  This seems to be black hole as far as I can tell.
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