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Last Post 09/09/2015 12:16 PM by  Gail
LTM Local Modification Not Under Subversion
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09/09/2015 12:16 PM

    LMK ENV 10.1 CU27

    Trying to install LMKTM 10.2 CU11 (on CU6 now)

    Developer had me edit Employee.busclass (OCT 2014) without checking it out of Subversion (did not understand Subversion then). Now during CU11 update, after receiving CU11 into repository the jsvn status cmd showed Employee.busclass as a modified file. After failed attempts at jsvn commit, revert, update cmds,  we deleted the file, then added the file in the working directory so no jsvn modified file but we got the CU6 version of the file. Buildprod fails - file date indicates to us getting old version of the file. 

    1. How do I get / verify the CU11 version of this file from the repository? I think I overwrote the CU11 version with the old CU6 version with the various commit, updates I did.

    2. Is there a way to list the versions of the Employee.busclass file?

    BTW - Our Subversion is at version 1.5.6

    First time using Subversion and it's a real pain, although familiar with version control principles. Tried to receive CU11 again, but it advises it is already there so won't update any files (Employee.busclass) as I had hoped.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    You are not authorized to post a reply.