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Last Post 02/25/2014 3:38 PM by  Sri
Set up LTM Oracle DB to Unicode
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02/25/2014 3:38 PM

    We currently use S3 for Payroll/Benefits (S3 Environment -, Core S3 Applications and LTM (LTM 3.4.2) for Global HR/Recruiting

    We have had issues with LTM with unicode characters in Candidate Space (not in Manager Space), specifically apostrophe and quotation marks when a candidate cuts and pastes their resume from word

    Our services provider (velocity) is currently in touch with Infor to determine what, if any, can be done to resolve this issue ?

    Has anyone in this forum run into this issue ?

    If so, can someone direct me to resources that I can read up on to tackle the issue ?

    Thanks for your time

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