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Last Post 04/08/2021 8:38 PM by  Brett
BSI TaxFactory upgrade from 10 to 11 on AIX
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04/08/2021 8:38 PM

    I have downloaded the bulletin for AIX 7.x 64 bit and Oracle 12 64-bit, copied over the server directory, edited lawson.env to reflect the few changes, including the new database, secured and applied a new license, ran cmpftxora11 and cmprts to relink cobol and oracle, and restarted the application successfully. Running tf11lic -v shows current, valid license. Running ldd tf11lic looks good.

    But, when a job is run from lawson, like prtf test, it still references TaxFactory 10 and then crashes, screen shown in the attachment.

    I have been digging through anything and everything for weeks and can't find where it is still pointing to TaxFactory 10. 
    After clicking the first ‘Test TaxFactory US’ button:


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