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Last Post 07/11/2017 7:41 AM by  Kelly H
Work Comp State Changing randomly
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07/11/2017 7:41 AM

    We are having an issue where the workers comp state on the tax tab of HR11 is randomly changing.  This appears to only be occurring for new hires and no one else. 

    There is no pattern in what it is changing to.  We have had over 300 since January.  They all have different job codes, different actual work locations and different original workers comp states and different "new" workers comp states.


    There is no history record created when the change occurs. We have history turned on on the field as well as requiring a PA to make the change.  But we had a random change occur yesterday with no record or PA showing the change.  The field on HR11 is PA whereas the last (only) change on HR54 shows MI.  


    We are on v10.  And we just began using BSI in January as well.   

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