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Last Post 5/14/2019 4:36 PM by  DavidV
PHP scripts
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5/14/2019 4:36 PM
    We have about 20 CGI/PHP scripts that prompt the user to upload files from their PC for processing by Infor/Lawson jobs.   I used to load PHP5 into httpd.conf and run php scripts to accommodate.  With the update to WAS to 8.5.5.x that doesn't appear to be allowed any longer through WebSphere's HTTP server.  I tried to load PHP7 an it wouldn't load.  I then tried fastCGI and that won't work either.   Has anyone been able to accomplish this with WAS/WebSphere 8.5.5.x?  Or have you used other tools?
    Tags: PHP, CGI, fastCGI
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