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Last Post 4/6/2017 10:58 AM by  LauraPat
Question on Custom Table with Unique-ID field
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4/6/2017 10:58 AM

    Hi - I've created a  custom table and the first column in the table is the UNIQUE_I_D column because there are going to be duplicates within the key fields.  I want to use importdb to load a file into this table that was created by an outside system.  Because the first field in the table is the UNIQUE_I_D - I made the first field in every record in the file I'm loading equal to 0 (zero).  I realized I had to allow for that field when loading or everything is shifted off by 1 column.  All of the data loaded successfully to the table and the UNIQUE_I_D columns all have values in them - but for every record loaded I received this message:

    MoveFld: Invalid From Size for UniqueID - 1

    Other than that message for every record, all the data has loaded successfully.  I just want to confirm that this message is because I passed a value of just 0 (zero) for that field and then Lawson generated the actual UNIQUE_I_D.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance - Laura

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