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Last Post 07/10/2018 3:43 PM by  Bob Canham
IPA Proxies - Trigger on Creation
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07/10/2018 3:43 PM

    We recently upgraded to v11 Landmark (v10 LSF) and we want to revisit the proxy functionality now that it will proxy tasks rather than roles.  One concern that has come up is if someone were to assign a proxy to someone who is not of the appropriate leadership level (i.e. a Director setting up a manager under them as a proxy).  One way I was thinking to avoid this would be if I could trigger a flow when someone creates a proxy record that would check if the person is of the appropriate level, and delete the proxy if not.  However, we only use Landmark for IPA so I'm not familiar with how we can trigger flows from a data change in Landmark.  Can anyone share how this could be done?

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