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Last Post 04/24/2019 3:33 PM by  Dave Curtis
WebRun example for SmartyStreets
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Garry Ferwerda
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04/24/2019 1:32 PM

    Does anyone have an example of using a WebRun node with SmartyStreets street address API?  Is so would you be interested in sharing it?



    Dave Curtis
    Manager, HRIS
    University of Maryland Medical System
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    04/24/2019 3:33 PM
    SmartyStreets will give you a user id, password and they will give you an auth-id and auth-token, you will need these items to plug into the web run node.

    Web root:
    User id: Your user ID
    Password: Your Password

    URL Type = External
    Call Information
    Web Program: street-address?auth-id=YOUR AUTH ID&auth-token=YOUR AUTH TOKEN
    Success string: input_index
    Header String: Accept: text/xml

    Method = POST

    Post String


    Content Type = text/xml

    The return from SmartyStreets will be in XML
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