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Last Post 07/28/2016 8:29 AM by  jdever
Inbasket in Lawson Portal
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07/27/2016 11:42 AM

    We are using workflow in Lawson 10 and for some reason, there are a handful of users who log into the Lawson Portal and when they click on Inbasket, the product line is not being displayed.  Example:  The product line is PROD so when you click on  Inbasket PROD should be displayed so the user can click on that to go to their inbasket to approve workflows.  In Lawson Security WF User is set to 1, their roles include IPAUser and InforMingle.  This is working for most users but there are a handful of users where it's not working and we have looked at all settings and cannot see any setup differences between a user who works and a user that doesn't work.  All systems are syncing properly (landmark server, etc.).  Has anyone come across this before and can tell me what we are missing?


    Thank you in advance!


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    07/28/2016 8:29 AM
    I had a similar issue. The issue was in the pfiUserProfile table. The InbasketLinkType was 0 and it needed to be 1.
    We created the issue by migrating pf users from an earlier version of IPA.
    From My infor case:
    PortalOptions.InbasketLinkType = 0 (this should be set to 1)

    Should always have:
    • Inbasket Type
    • Inbasket Landing Page
    • Include Tracking Link(Optional)
    • Include Administrator Link(Optional)

    Go to Rich Client, from prod Rich Client, go to Start > Process Server Administrator > Configuration > User Configuration > Users > Select a user account > Select 'Landing Page Link" for Inbasket link type
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