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Last Post 12/16/2022 3:48 PM by  Greg Moeller
Zero clients
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Greg Moeller
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12/16/2022 3:48 PM

    For some of our core Infor/Lawson users, they have Zero client devices installed at their

    desks. It is my understanding that these devices boot from virtual images on a remote

    server. The users are then also logging into Citrix sessions to run InforOS. Some of

    these users are experiencing performance issues when working in InforOS. They are

    experiencing slowness and their sessions will also freeze with a spinning activity indicator.


    For some of the users, this issue has been resolved by swapping out the Zero client and

    replacing it with a regular desktop PC device.


    Have you encountered this with other clients? Have they determined a resolution that

    allows the Zero client to remain deployed? Does anyone have any best practice guidelines

    for deploying and using Zero clients by core users?

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