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Last Post 10/6/2011 2:01 PM by  Roger French
securing drill around and select
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Sheila Kendall
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10/6/2011 1:37 PM
    I saw a tip about securing access to only the employee's data, but I'm not getting it correct.  (Below is the code I am looking at).

    I want to limit the employee to only be able to drill around / selects only on his own data.

    1.  I thought that I needed to put this on the employee table,  then I tried the employee field itself - Still no luck.  The employee can select anyone and drill around on anyone.
    2.  in the object - user   what is in getEmployeeID?   Is that the employee number and if so,  where does it get that data?


    Employee can see themselves & those underneath them:







    Employee can see themselves but not those underneath them (in other words, an employee's dependent information is not available to their supervisor)

    (lztrim(user.getCompany())==lztrim(table.COMPANY)) && (lztrim(user.getEmployeeId())==lztrim(table.EMPLOYEE))

    Roger French
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    10/6/2011 2:01 PM
    user.getCompany and user.getEmployee come from the user's identities. If you use these functions, then users must have the values for these identities. These identities are normally used for self-service applications.

    The security manual will explain in much more detail what identities are and how to populate them.
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