Security 9.0 - Security based on Department

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    I'm using security 9.0 and I would like a user have restricted access for a specific department (Employee.Department). I'm able to restrict access on HR11 form and on Drill Explorer but when I print a report all the department are one the list. Is there a way to have only the restricted department on the report ?
    John Henley
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      Reports (standard COBOL, that is) do not use Lawson 9.0 security the data on the HR (COBOL) reports are only secured down to COMPANY/PROCESS level.
      Two possible ways to filter the data shown on a report using 9.0 security would be to 1) publish/burst the COBOL output as a "back office" report in LBI, or 2) create a Crystal report which uses the OLEDB provider (which will use the security rules when filtering records...).
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