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Last Post 6/25/2013 7:50 PM by  Kwane McNeal
Security Structure within RM Administrator
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Chad Dirst
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6/25/2013 2:24 PM
    I am wondering if there is a Lawson method for copying a LSF9 security structure from one LDAP environment to another.  Please note, I am not looking to copy security profiles, classes, or roles, but the security structure defined in the RM Administrator.

    If not, does anyone know the high level steps for copying this information?
    Thank you,
    Kwane McNeal
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    6/25/2013 7:50 PM
    There actually is. All data under o=lwsnRMData is dumped with the unlisted (though now documented) command of ldifgen.

    dump: ldifgen LdapDataToXml -f FileName
    NOTE: You can use ldifgen ldapdatatoxml -? for more info, but it's not listed in main commands listing

    load: ldifgen XmlToDataLdif ... (this one is listed)
    NOTE: Although this one is listed in the main commands listing, you can obtain more detailed help using ldifgen XmlToDataLdif -?

    ...there are no limiter options for the LdapDataToXml command, so you get EVERYTHING. That means you'll need to parse the file. The structures are at or near the bottom, as they are dumped in tree order.

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