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Last Post 01/27/2016 10:08 AM by  Kidd Kasper
MA236 Criteria
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01/27/2016 10:08 AM
    Hello all,

    I have resources that would like to have a Crystal Report in LBI that essentially duplicates MA236. I've tried to pick through the logic of the program to pull all the criteria that it's using. Although I know programming logic in general, I've never learned Cobalt. What I have thus far is:

    apinvoice.rec_status in (0,1)
    apinvoice.match_status in (0,1)
    apinvoice.invoice_type not in ('C', 'D', 'R')
    apinvoice.mtch_proc_type in ('R', 'A')

    mainvdtl.r_status = 0
    mainvdtl.matched_qty < 1

    poline.item_type <> 'S'
    poline.cost_option <> 2

    purchorder.closed_fl <> 'Y'
    purchorder.dropship_fl <> 'Y'

    Any suggestions or insights into the MA236 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    You are not authorized to post a reply.