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Last Post 06/30/2016 9:04 AM by  Dave Curtis
Bursting Reports on Dashboard
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05/10/2016 4:46 PM
    We currently have several reports on our LBI dashboard that are bursted by user (LAWSONRS_CurrentUser). When a user runs the bursted report, it displays data that is assigned to them however, when they click on the refresh button in the report (after it ran the first time), they are prompted to select a user name (making the bursting obsolete). This allows them to view data of the entire organization since they are able to select any user in the drop down menu.

    Has anyone ever experienced this with their reports, if so, what was the fix? We had 2 webex sessions with Lawson and have made no progress. Thanks in advance!
    Dave Curtis
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    University of Maryland Medical System
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    06/30/2016 9:04 AM
    Since you mention they have the refresh button I will assume these are being output in crystal format.

    Is there a reason you would not do the output as PDF, Word or Excel?
    Or if you want to keep it in Crystal format - is it an option to remove the toolbar so they do not see the option to do refresh? You can control the crystal output in the URL you build

    Like this one suppresses the grouptree on the left and suppresses the toolbar on the top.
    FSRemote?fsid=RS:RS-RS Prod:412&GroupTree=false&Zoom=100&toolbar=false

    It might also work to change the users access to the report so they do not have the ability to view with refreshed data. This would require you schedule the report to run however often you want the data refreshed (daily, hourly etc) and then the users would be accessing and bursting on an instance and would not have the ability to refresh the report because you restrict them to only view the current instance.
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