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Last Post 08/12/2015 9:57 AM by  thummel1
Run weekly, compare annually
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08/12/2015 9:57 AM
    I recently learned that a Smart Note we have set up to run on a weekly schedule to look for new keys in the HR07 table is not being used. This is because there is a lot of in and out maintenance that happens in this table. For example, an employee is added to this table on a temporary basis to help cover while a manager is out of the office for various reason, or perhaps to cover because a manager has left. This has been causing employees to re-appear because the Smart Note sees them as a new key, even though they maybe appeared a few weeks ago on a prior Smart Note.

    I understand the Smart Note is working as it's intended to, but I am wondering if there is enhanced functionality that could be leveraged here.

    Is it possible to set up a Smart Note on a weekly schedule to look for new keys that have not been on the prior scheduled Smart Notes for the last 365 days? The equivalent of this would be if we maintained a master list in Excel of anyone who's been added to the HR07 table in the last 365 days, and each week we ran the HR07 and did a lookup from this list to the master HR07 list with the 365 days of records.

    Any ideas on how to leverage Smart Notes to accomplish this are appreciated!
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