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Last Post 11/27/2013 2:09 PM by  thummel1
Smart Note-Looking for new Keys
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11/27/2013 2:09 PM
    I have a Smart Note set up intended to capture only the supervisors that are newly added to the HR07 screen in Lawson. The Infoset has many data fields, but only one is set up as a "Key", which is the Employee ID. All the rest are attributes. The Smart Notification is set up to notify me when the data from my Info Set "Has New Keys". Also, in Step 4 of my Smart Note (Related Info), I have "do not display" checked for the "Data" from my Info Set, and I have "Default" set for the new Keys in the Data from my Info Set.

    This Smart Note is set to run weekly. This week there were technically no new supervisors added to the HR07 screen, yet my Smart Note reported 3 supervisors, all of which I believe recently trasnferred into new positions. They were already suerpvisors before.

    I'm getting desperate and would ne willing to share screenshots or anythign if you have a few minutes. Thank you in advance!
    You are not authorized to post a reply.