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Last Post 2/17/2015 9:14 PM by  Dave Curtis
Smart Note using Excel
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2/17/2015 8:00 PM

    I am thinking way outside the box here, but I am wondering if Smart Notes can be create using an Excel file as a Data Source?

    Here is why I am asking: HR tracks annual reviews on a spreadsheet before they are uploaded to Lawson. HR goes through this spreadsheet manually, looks for incomplete reviews and reaches out to the manager. If there was a way to deliver a Smart Note to managers based on criteria in the master spreadsheet (e.g. Column labeled "Review competed" is null), that would create some huge efficiencies. I just didn't know if this was technically possible with Smart Notes, or if it's possible and s just limited to the organization appoving Excel as a Data Source for this type of thing.

    The main objective is to be able to create an automated email from "somewhere" to help make this process more efficient. any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
    Dave Curtis
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    2/17/2015 9:14 PM
    Within the Admin functions of Smart Notes and under "Work With Data Sources" you can set up a "File Location" data source. There is some back end setup that needs to be done to make sure the Lawson server has access to the file location but it can be done.

    However - If I remember correctly, you would need to change the Excel file to a CSV file because I think it will work with a delimited file but not specifically excel file. So I guess that is a "sorta" will work - maybe - kinda.

    I guess my biggest question to the users would be why not just use the Lawson reviews module (PA26) and get out of the business of keeping a separate excel file. Just load the incomplete reviews and then create your smart note to pull the incomplete from the reviews data in Lawson. - I am sure there is more to it than appears on the surface - always is with HR folks... :-)
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