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Last Post 12/3/2014 12:46 PM by  thummel1
Smart Notes-Items No Longer in Data
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12/3/2014 12:46 PM
    Good Morning,

    i have a Smart Note that I've designed with the intention of triggering when an employee is no longer in the N05 or N10 Job Class. In the Smart Note data, I have Employee ID, Employee name, Hire Date, Adjusted Hire Date, Structure Group, LP Plan, LP Balance, Email Address, Accrual End Date and Master End Date.

    The Smart Note will trigger when any of these items change. This is done by using the condition that says "Items no longer in data from..." The problem I am having is that the Smart Note is trigggering when an employee's LP Balance changes, which happens most frequently if someone terminates employment (they get a payout of their LP Balance, thus changing the balance to zero).

    My question: How can I get the Smart Note to NOT trigger if the LP balance changes? Or perhaps another way of asking is, is there a way to instruct the Smart Note to trigger ONLY IF certain items change in my info set, not just any of the items?

    Please note, I attempted to add an sample of what my current Smart Note is delivering. The idea is that, in these examples, I woudl not have wanted them to trigger the Smart Note because all they had was an LP balance change. It's only if the Employee ID no longer appears that I'd want the Smart Note to trigger.
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