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Last Post 08/25/2017 8:40 AM by  kbert
Best Practices? Par Location & Bin Naming Convention
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08/25/2017 8:40 AM

    Here's a VISUAL:


    Imagine a 1' x 2' tote with 3 rows of 5 slots positions per row.  15 "Bins". Each slot labeled from 01 - 15.  This tote sits on a shelf in a single par location


    -or- Visualize a shelf with 5 bins with each bin having a divider in the middle (10 slots).




    We are close to implementing INFOR and currently doing our INV MANAGEMENT setup.


    I've been told that in Infor, a par location can not have more than 1 item in any given "BIN".  So in the case of having a single (physical) BIN/TOTE with a divider, each position needs 1 unique BIN ID. 


    QUESTION 1.  Is there a work around that could allow for having 2 items with different item #'s in 1 BIN?


    QUESTION 2.  What is best practice for bin "Naming Convention".  I've always used Area+Rack+Shelf+Bin Position = A01W03 (alternating Alpha/numeric).




    Problem->If I need to insert a new item between bin position 03 and 04...all bins to the right would have to have new bin ID's assigned. 


    Other than leaving bins/spaces/slots to allow for new items, does anyone have any advice for a unique bin naming convention?


    I've heard using 10, 20, 30 as positional reference - then using 21 if I have to insert an item between position 20 and 30. Seems clunky.


    Any other advice?





    You are not authorized to post a reply.