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Last Post 8/9/2022 5:24 PM by  NeilG
MSCM - label printing
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8/9/2022 5:24 PM

    Hello all - when printing labels out of MSCM in v11 the labels print in a random order assigned by Infor. When we were on v10 we were able to control the print order and have the labels print by item #.  This is casuing a disruption of our work flow as users have to sift through hundreds of labels before finding the correct one as opposed to them being in item # order.  Infor has advised that users cannot control the print order of the labels and have suggested entering an enhancment request. 

    Before I enter that request I just want to check if anyone on MSCM v11 has a workaround to print the labels in some desired order.

    Thank you.

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