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Last Post 09/15/2014 1:51 PM by  AnnH
Design Studio - Missing Data Source
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09/15/2014 1:51 PM
    Hello - I am trying to add more fields to a custom program where I have exceeded the space for the grid in COBOL and thought to expand it in design studio.  I added my fields as hidden fields on the form so I could code for them in the program.  I then opened the form in the UI Designer in quick paint, added a textbox and when I click on "data source" it says "none".  When I look at the data source for the other fields already on the form, it is listing the field name but that is all, like it's not really "attached" to the data source at all.  Am I missing some setting that will enable design studio to "see" this table on the form or in the database table?  We have another custom table/program like this one and the data source property looks to be "attach" to the table correctly, what am I missing on this new one?  Thanks, Ann 
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