User knocked out of Portal after opening large PDF file

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Gary Padgett
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    A user reported being knocked completely out of Internet Explorer after trying to open a large PDF file in Print Manager in Portal.  She had created a PDF and a CSV version of this report and was accessing the PDF (2039 pages).  I opened a case with Lawson but have had no resolution yet.  Is anyone familiar with a situation like this?
    The user was able to log back in to Portal and I assume was able to open the report later.  I am wondering if this is really a Lawson issue or a case of consuming too much memory in IE?  Or something else?  Any ideas would be appreciated.
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      I actually ran into an issue where I crashed websphere by trying to open a 40,000 something page report and then trying to cancel it.  I just had to stop and restart WebSphere but still, not cool.  We are on 9.0.0 though and I was hoping it would be resolved in 9.0.1.  I wouldn't be surprised that a user was completely kicked out of IE though.