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Last Post 03/28/2017 9:33 AM by  Roger French
LCM installation issue
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Roger French
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03/28/2017 9:33 AM

    I've installed LSO/ISO many times.


    So new issue though on a new LCM (LifeCycleManager) version on Windows 2012R2 Standard server.

    Java 1.7_80 is installed.

    Plenty of memory, space, etc.

    Installing it as doman lawson account who is a member of the local Admins group.

    I'm installing LCM using the java -jar function.

    It get's to the "install new LCM" screen, and then click next the Prerequisite Error panel displays:


    "Error: the installer cannot continue...

    The following prerequisites have not been met:

    - The LCM Server requires Windows Server 2012"


    Anyone know how to resolve this issue? The installation is saying LCM requires Win 2012, but it's already 2012R2. I've already reviewed all of the install docs and compatibility matrix. I tried Java 1.8 too. No go.


    Thank you.


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