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Last Post 01/03/2018 11:55 AM by  Kat V
PO30 & PO35 Addins
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01/02/2018 3:04 PM

    Hello - We need to do some mass receiving to clean up our INR report.  Would anyone be willing to share their addins for PO30 Add receiver & lines & the PO35 to release?  I'd be most grateful.  Thanks in advance!!

    Kat V
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    01/03/2018 11:55 AM
    If you can - Don Peterson has "Self Contained Workbooks" that will do this. Otherwise the "immediate" fix is to upload to the PO30 and let it create a receipt per line, use PO58 to inquire on your user id for the day and get all the receipt numbers. Use that to upload to PO35.

    PO30 map to: Company, PO Number/Release/Code, Position to Line number, FC A(Add), Qty from INR, Add Only.
    PO58: Company, Receipt Dates t(today) - t(today), Operator ID Code (user id used to upload), Inquire, Print, open and Create CSV.
    PO35 map to the PO58 output: Company, Location, Position To (Receiver Number) FC R (Release), Change Only.

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