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PO66.1 - PO Revision History

**Form purpose
Use PO66 (PO Revision History) to inquire on revisions to a purchase order.
A revision is created when a change is made to an audited field after the
purchase order has been printed. Audited rules are set up when a Purchase
Order company is added. Audit rules are then maintained in PO01.2 (Audit Rule

PO66 groups changes to purchase orders by the revision number. When you
inquire on a purchase order, you must provide the revision number that you
want to look at (the most recent revision number will automatically transfer
from PO20).

Revisions appear in date and time sequence, and the user id of the person that
made the change is always captured. The "Issue" tab shows you the method by
which the revision was issued as well as the date and time.

If you are using fax, email, or EDI methods, you may also see information on
the status of the delivery of the purchase order. Finally, if you are using
EDI, this tab provides a place for you to see EDI acknowledgement information.
Revision informaiton is also available from other purchase order screens
through a Drill Around. Data on the original creation of the purchase order
can also be viewed here.

Updated Files

    CKPOINT    -

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