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BN242 - One Page Benefits Statement

**Form Purpose
Run One Page Benefits Statement (BN242) to print a report of benefits
statements that estimate the total cost of an employee's benefits.

The report lists benefits by medical and dental benefits, income protection
benefits, retirement benefits, and other benefits. The statement can include
estimates for workers compensation, unemployment benefits, Social Security and
Medicare. The report lists each employee's total estimated annual benefit cost
and the employee's total compensation including salary and estimated benefits.

**More Information
Each employee's benefits statement prints on one 8 x 11 page. You can
download the file created by BN242 to a personal computer and tailor the
statement to your needs.

Updated Files

    CKPOINT    -

Referenced Files

    BENEFIT    - The Employee Benefit file contains employee benefit records
                 for all benefit types.

                 The Employee Benefit file verifies employee benefits.

    BNCOMPANY  - The Benefit Company Parameters file verifies benefits company.

    BNCOVERAGE - The Benefit Coverage file is used to print Coverage

    BNCOVOPT   - The Benefit Coverage Options file is accessed to retrieve the
                 coverage option.

    DEPTCODE   -

    EMPFLEXDOL - The Employee Flex Dollar file contains information about flex

    EMPFLEXREM - The Employee Flex Period Dollars file is accessed by this

    EMPLOYEE   - The Employee file contains employee information.

    EMSTATUS   - The Employee/Applicant Status file verifies employee status

    HRSECLEV   - The Employee Security Level file is accessed by this report.

    JOBCODE    - The Job Code Parameters file verifies annual hours worked.

    PAEMPLOYEE - The Employee PA Information file provides additional employee

    PCODES     -

    PERSGROUP  - The Employee Group Header file verifies employee group.

    PGEMPLOYEE - The Employee Group Employees file verifies employee group.

    PLAN       - The Benefit Plan file contains benefit plan information.

    PREMIUM    - The Benefit Plan Premium file contains plan premium.


    PRSYSTEM   - The HR Company and Process Levels file is used to verify