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AC - Activity Management
AD -
AM - Asset Management
AP - Accounts Payable
AR - Accounts Receivable
BL - Billing
BN - Benefits
BR - AC Billing Revenue
CB - Cash Ledger
CX - Case Carts
DI -
DT - Bills of Exchange
EB -
EE - Employee Expense
FR -
GL - General Ledger
GM -
HC - Compensation D Mart
HR - Human Resources
IA - Analytic Architect
IC - Inventory Control
IF - General Ledger Setup
LA -
LM -
LP -
MA - Matching
ML - Multi-Ledger
OE - Order Entry
PA - Personnel
PB - Pay To Bill
PO - Purchase Order
PR - Payroll
PW -
RQ - Requisitions
SA - Sales Analysis
SL - Strategic Ledger
TA - Event Management
TE - Terms
TM - Time and Attendance
TP - Tips
TX - Tax
WF - Workflow
WH - Warehouse
WO - Work Order
AC00Activity Group
AC01Activity Copy
AC02Activity Status Code
AC04GL Code
AC05Account Category
AC06Override Account Categories
AC07Account Assignment
AC08Account Category Structure
AC105Account Category Copy
AC108Structure Reorganization
AC11Copy Activity
AC110Activity Copy
AC112Mass Activity Status Change
AC113Activity Account Mass Change
AC12Activity Status
AC120Level Reorganization
AC121Budget Calculation
AC123Budget Copy
AC127Budget Interface
AC13Activity Attributes
AC130Allocation Calculation
AC131Allocation Update
AC135Attr Effective Date Update
AC14Activity Group Attributes
AC145Mass Transaction Backout
AC15ACMONITOR Maintenance
AC160Asset Management Interface
AC165Percent Complete Calculation
AC17Resource Rates
AC18Activity Resource Rates
AC190Activity Posting
AC191Accounting Unit Balance Post
AC195System Control
AC197Burden recalc by cost
AC198Burden rate recalc
AC200Activity Group Listing
AC202Status Listing
AC203Resource Assignment Listing
AC204GL Code Listing
AC205Account Category Listing
AC206Acct Cat Assignment Listing
AC207Account Assignment Listing
AC208Structure Listing
AC21Budget Change Order
AC210Activity Listing
AC211POP Template Listing
AC213Activity Attribute Listing
AC217Resource Rate Listing
AC218Activity Resource Rate Listing
AC22Change Order Approval
AC220Budget Listing
AC223Spread Code Listing
AC225Budget Control Report
AC227Budget Interface Listing
AC228Activity Grp Relationship List
AC229Activity Relationship Listing
AC23Spread Code
AC230Allocation Listing
AC240Journal Edit Listing
AC246Manual Commitment Listing
AC25Budget Control
AC255Transaction Writer Listing
AC256Transaction Writer Report
AC260Burden Code Listing
AC261Acct Cat Burden Assignmnt List
AC262Pool Driver Values Listing
AC263Burden and Provisional Rates
AC264Burden Type Listing
AC265Percent Complete Report
AC27Budget Relationship
AC28Activity Group Relationship
AC29Activity Relationship
AC290Transaction Listing
AC295Activity Commitment Summary
AC298Commitment Detail Report
AC30Activity Allocation
AC300Activity Group Purge
AC310Activity Purge
AC32Allocation Pool
AC34Compute Parameters
AC346Manual Commitments Purge
AC35Activity Total Names
AC36Activity Total Range
AC37Allocation Group
AC40Journal Entry
AC400Activity Group Analysis Report
AC401Activity Trend
AC41Resource Journal Entry
AC410Activity Analysis
AC412Activity Status Report
AC42Subcontractor Time Entry
AC420Budget Variance Report
AC421Change Order History
AC440Resource Charge
AC45Transaction Edit
AC46Manual Commitments Entry
AC460Capitalization History
AC471Bill of Costs
AC472Bill of Activities
AC473Profit and Loss Statement
AC480Activity Balances
AC490Activity Reconciliation
AC493Output Measure Analysis
AC494Activity Acct Unit Analysis
AC50Activity Interface Adjustment
AC500Activity Interface
AC502Attribute Interface
AC51Attribute Interface Adjustment
AC510Attribute Interface
AC52Resource Interface Adjustment
AC520Resource Interface
AC54Transaction Interface Maint
AC540Transaction Interface
AC55Transaction Writer
AC558Structure Interface
AC58Structure Interface Adjustment
AC580Balance Rebuild
AC581Report Currency Rebuild
AC583Activity Transaction Rebuild
AC60Burden Codes
AC61Burden Code Assignment
AC62Pool Driver Values
AC63Burden Rates
AC64Burden Type
AC65Activity Percent of Completion
AC81Budget Exchange Rate
AC881PO135 Commitment Delete
AC90Activity Group Analysis
AC91Activity Attributes
AC92Resource Analysis
AC93Output Measure Analysis
AC94Activity Acct Unit Analysis
AC95Account Category Analysis
AC96Transaction Analysis
AC98Commitment Detail Analysis
ACACActivity Mgmt Activity Edit
ACBABuild Activity Dimension
ACBBBurdens and Trans Flowchart
ACBCBuild Category Dimension
ACBPBuild Period Dimension
ACBRBuild Resource Dimension
ACBSBuild Scenario Dimension
ACBUBuild Amount Dimension
ACBYBuild Year Dimension
ACCLActivity Management Calendar
ACDLData Mart Data Load
ACDMActivity Data Mart Setup Share
ACDRData Rebuild
ACEXActivity Explorer
ACFLActivity Setup Flowchart
ACSBSubcontractor Information
ACSRAC Security Report
ACSSScenario Definition
ACTACalculate to Date Totals
ACTDActivity Data Mart Setup Share
ACVWAC Activity View
SE10Web User Favorites Entry
SE90SEA Activity Acct Cat Analysis
AM03Tax Credit Table
AM04Personal Use
AM05Account Group
AM09Accounting Unit Group
AM10Book Groups
AM11Disposal Property
AM115Mass Additions
AM117Mass Distribution Split
AM118Repair Release
AM12Addition Template
AM120Asset Book Copy
AM125Mass Adjustments
AM13Asset Group
AM135Mass Transfers
AM145Mass Disposals
AM15Asset Interface
AM152Inventory Update
AM153Asset Bar Code Labels
AM154AM Bar Code File Interface
AM16System Options
AM170Processing Release
AM18Asset Repair Interface
AM180Depreciation Calculation and L
AM185Insurance and Replacement Calc
AM190Period Close
AM192Short Year Close
AM195Year End Close
AM200System Setup Listings
AM205Company Setup Listings
AM206Product Category Workbook
AM207Location Detail Workbook
AM21Lease Additions,Adjustments
AM210Book Group Listing
AM211Asset Template Workbook
AM212Addition Template Listing
AM213Asset Group Listing
AM214Class Depreciation Rate List
AM220Addition Report
AM221Asset,Tag Listing
AM222Asset Book Listing
AM223Item Listing
AM224Repair Report
AM225Adjustment Report
AM23Asset Attributes
AM230Transfer Report
AM235Item Transfer Report
AM240Disposal Report
AM241Reinstate Disposed Assets
AM245Item Disposal Report
AM25Mass Disposal Selection
AM250Inventory Worksheet
AM251Item Adjustment Interface List
AM252Inventory Comparison
AM255Projection Report
AM260Asset Report
AM265Property Report
AM266Continuing Property Records
AM267Asset Register
AM270Account Balance Report
AM275Transaction Report
AM277Activity Report
AM278Leased Asset Report
AM280Current Year Depreciation Repo
AM281Depreciation History Report
AM282Class Depreciation Report
AM285Book Comparison Report
AM287Depreciable Asset Register
AM290Tax Credit Report
AM292Recapture Report
AM295FASB Reconciliation Report
AM300Historical Purge
AM310Book Purge
AM320Depreciation History Rebuild
AM35Mass Transfer Selection
AM41Reinstate Disposed Assets
AM45Mass Disposal Selection
AM500Asset Management Interface
AM501Depreciation History Balances
AM502Additional Book Conversion
AM51Item Adjustment
AM52Inventory Interface Maint
AM520Book Name Change
AM550Dictionary Load and Listing
AM551Item Update Adjustment Interfa
AM580Depreciation Recalculation
AM60Annual Depreciation Override
AM70Asset Analysis
AM700Depr Expense Allocation Update
AM75Account Analysis
AM80Transaction Analysis
AM85Activity Analysis
AM88AM Data Mart Definition
AM90Asset Book Analysis
AM91Leased Asset Book Analysis
AM92Additional Book Conversion Adj
AM93Transaction Conversion Adjust
AM94Attribute Interface Adjustment
AM95Disposal Analysis
AM96Asset Interface Adjustment
AM97Item Interface Adjustment
AM98Asset Book Interface Adjust
AM99Transaction Balance Update
AMASBuild Asset Dimension
AMBKBuild Book Dimension
AMBLAM Build Matrix List
AMCOAttachments Interface
AMCVBuild Conventions Dimension
AMDLAM Datamart Data Load
AMDMAM Data Mart Setup
AMFLAsset Management Flowcharts
AMLFBuild Life Dimension
AMMDBuild Measures Dimension
AMMEBuild Measures Dimension
AMPDBuild Period Dimension
AMYRBuild Year Dimension
AP00Vendor Group-Company Set Up
AP01Pay Group
AP02Reportable Income Group
AP04Pay Group Class
AP05Ap Parameter Maintenance
AP06Ap Parameter Windows
AP09Invoice Windows
AP10Vendor Maintenance
AP100Vendor Group Copy
AP101Pay Group Update
AP102Process Group Update
AP109Vendor Current Address Update
AP11Pay Vendor Maintenance
AP110Mass Vendor Update
AP115Vendor Merge
AP12Vendor Comments Maint
AP125Batch Release
AP126Invoice Registration Release
AP13Contact Code
AP130POD Notification
AP135Vendor/Invoice Audit Report
AP14Vendor Contact
AP141Invoice Hold
AP1451099 Forms Creation
AP1461099 Tape Creation
AP15Vendor Cross Reference
AP150Cash Requirements
AP151Bill of Exchange Generation
AP155Payment Forms Creation
AP156Bill of Exchange Creation
AP16Vendor Bank
AP160Payment Tape Creation
AP161Electronic Payment Creation
AP166Bill of Exchange Bank Stmt
AP167Bill of Exchange Cashing Stmt
AP170Payment Closing
AP175Invoice Distribution Closing
AP176Match Discount Posting
AP177Financial Reporting Update
AP178AP Activity Update
AP180Bill of Exchange Cashing Upd
AP181Bill of Exchange Stmt Update
AP185Bill of Exchange Distribution
AP190Invoice Reinstatement
AP191Unrealized Gain/Loss
AP193Recurring Invoice Update
AP195Period Closing
AP197Vendor Balance Rebuild
AP198Invoice Data Archival
AP199Vendor Balance Year End
AP20Invoice Entry
AP200Vendor Group-Company Listing
AP201Pay Group Listing
AP202Process Group Listing
AP205Accounts Payable Codes Listing
AP21View Distributions
AP210Vendor Listing
AP211Vendor Invoicing
AP212Comments Listing
AP213Vendor Account Balance
AP214Bill of Exchange Maturity List
AP22Invoice Windows
AP220Invoice Edit Report
AP23In Transit Invoice Entry
AP230Open Payables Report
AP235Incoming Invoice Register
AP236Invoice Payment Approval Edit
AP237Distribution Approval Listing
AP240Hold Payments Report
AP245Reportable Income Report
AP25Batch And Invoice Control
AP250Cash Forecasting
AP251Match Statistical Report
AP252Unmatched Invoice Listing
AP255Bank Account Payment History
AP26Invoice Registration Release
AP260Invoice Accrual Reconciliation
AP265Cash Payment Register
AP266Bill of Exchange Report
AP27Single Invoice Release
AP270Vendor Payment History
AP272Accounts Payable Tax Exempt Tr
AP275Invoice Distribution History
AP28Vendor Draft Acceptance
AP282French DAS2 Preparation Report
AP284Vendor Grand Livre
AP290Vendor Labels
AP295Invoice Processing Statistics
AP30Released Invoice Adjustments
AP300History Purge
AP305AP Company Purge
AP32Workflow Adjustments
AP35Credit Memo Application
AP36Invoice Approval
AP40Hold Code Maintenance
AP41Vendor Hold
AP45Vendor Reportable Income Adjus
AP51Vendor Maintenance
AP510Vendor Conversion
AP52Invoice Conversion
AP520Invoice Interface
AP53Invoice Conversion
AP54Vendor Table Maintenance
AP55Manual Payment
AP56Draft Entry
AP57Amount Scripting
AP58Vendor Bank Conversion
AP700AP taxable - Upgrade-Convert
AP80AP Draft Cashing Selection
AP81Manual Forms Reservation
AP90Ap Inquiry
AP91Vendor Activity
AP912Vendor and Invoice Cmt Conv
AP92Invoice Inquiry
AP93Archived Invoices Inquiry
AP95Distribution Inquiry
AP96Ap Archive Inquiry
APCPAttachment Comment Routine
APDSCall program for APDISCACC
APFLAccounts Payable Flowchart
APH1APAPIHIST Attachment Maintt
API1Invoke for APRI70PD Object
API2Invoke for APCBINVPD Object
API3Invoke for APVL80PD Object
API4Invoke for APVO80PD Object
API5Invoke for APIBAL70PD Object
APIQuse APFL to access
APPIuse APFL to access
APPRuse APFL to access
AR00Customer Group Maintenance
AR01Company Maintenance
AR02Process Level Maintenance
AR03Process Level Group Maint
AR05Customer Class
AR06Credit Analyst
AR07Finance Code
AR08Customer Defaults
AR09Customer Group Address
AR100EFT Notification Extract
AR105EFT Notification Print
AR11Customer Additional Contacts
AR110EFT Extract
AR112National Account Trans Update
AR115EFT Payment Creation
AR12National Account
AR124Cash Batch Release Report
AR129Automatic Prepayment Apply
AR13Micr Customer Cross Reference
AR130Automatic Cash Application Aud
AR131Automatic Memo Application
AR132Application Audit
AR135Automatic Transaction Removal
AR136Finance Charge Initiation
AR137Finance Charge Late Payment
AR14Lock Box
AR140Dunning Letter Selection
AR141Dunning Letter File Generation
AR145Dunning Letter File Update
AR15Operational Code
AR150Statement Print
AR155Payment Request Notice Print
AR16Hold Code
AR160Dunning Letter Select
AR161Dunning Letter Print
AR17Comments Maintenance
AR170Customer Review Selection
AR18Dunning Notice
AR180Application Reversal Creation
AR19Dunning Letter Text Code Maint
AR190Application Closing
AR191Chargeback Creation
AR194Audit Summary
AR196Unrealized Gain Loss Report
AR198Transaction Status Update
AR199Period Closing Report
AR20Batch Entry
AR200Customer Group Listing
AR201Company Process Level Listing
AR203Report Group Listing
AR204Cycle Listing
AR205Customer Class Listing
AR206Operational Setup1 Listing
AR207Finance Charge Listing
AR208Customer Defaults Listing
AR209Customer Labels Print
AR210Customer Listing
AR211Customer Optional Fields Listi
AR212National Account Listing
AR213MICR Customer Listing
AR214Lock Box Listing
AR215Operational Setup2 Listing
AR216Hold Listing
AR217Comments Listing
AR218Dunning Text Listing
AR219Customer Credit Card Listing
AR220Cash Batch Report
AR222Customer Cash Report
AR223Prepayment Report
AR227Unapplied Credit Report
AR228Unapplied Unassigned Cash Repo
AR229Transferred Transaction Report
AR23Query List Members
AR230Payment Application Report
AR232Transaction Application Report
AR233Unposted Application Report
AR234Open Chargeback Report
AR235Application Adjustment Report
AR24Cash Batch Inquiry Release
AR242Unreleased Transaction Report
AR245Disputed Transaction Report
AR25EFT Adjustments
AR250Customer Aging Report
AR251Company Aging Report
AR252Report Group Aging Report
AR253Summary Aging Report
AR255National Account Aging Report
AR256Receivables Tie Back Report
AR258Cash Forecasting Report
AR260Customer Add Alert
AR261Customer Credit Alert
AR27Cash Inquiry Filter
AR271Critical Review Report
AR274Dunning History Report
AR275Credit Exception Report
AR28Cash Inquiry maintenance
AR282Returned Payment Report
AR285Customer Audit
AR286Customer Grand Livre
AR287Customer Account Balance
AR29Cash Transfer
AR290Customer Statistic Report
AR291Customer Hold Report
AR292Customer Inactivity Report
AR293Activity History Report
AR294Transaction History Report
AR295Distribution Report
AR30Cash Entry and Application
AR300Transaction Purge
AR301Customer Purge
AR31Application Window Screens
AR33On Account Application
AR34Line Item Application
AR35Application Adjustment Entry
AR36Adjustments Exceeded Review
AR37Application Review - Reversal
AR42Transaction Entry
AR43Invoice Batch Inquiry Release
AR44Invoice Obligation Grouping
AR45Disputed Transaction
AR46Dispute Inquiry
AR48AR to AP Interface
AR50Customer Aging
AR501Customer Conversion
AR502Transaction Conversion
AR503Payment Conversion
AR504Application Conversion
AR505Customer Balance Conversion
AR506Dispute and Comment Conversion
AR507Distribution Conversion
AR510Transaction Sub File Build
AR515Customer Attribute Load
AR520Last Statement Balance Build
AR53Application Inquiry
AR550Customer Interface
AR560Transaction Interface
AR570Lock Box Interface
AR575Payment Interface
AR580Payment2 Interface
AR70Cust Review Maint By Analyst
AR72Credit Review
AR74Dun Letter Select Maint - ADV
AR75Customer Account Summary
AR80Payment Application Reversal
AR82Returned Payment Maintenance
AR90Customer Account Inquiry
AR95Distribution Inquiry
AR96Interface Transaction Maintena
AR97Interface Transaction Maintena
AR98Converted Customer
AR99Conversion Record Maintenance
ARCMCredit Management
ARFLAccounts Receivable Flowchart
ARI1Create ARCOMMENT-append Attach
ARLLAR Lawson-to-Lawson Interface
ARPEAR Day,Period End
ARPFAR Processing
BL00Company Parameters
BL01Process Level Parameters
BL02Ship To
BL03Standard Comments
BL04Customer Item Cross-Reference
BL05Oe Sales Class Maintenance
BL06Invoice Types
BL07Reason Code Maintenance
BL09Add On Charge
BL10Item Add-Ons
BL12Freight Codes
BL120Invoice Batch Release
BL121Invoice Verification Report
BL122Invoice and Register Print
BL123Sub-System Update
BL125EP Invoice Batch Release
BL13Electronic Payment Types
BL130Create Recurring Invoices
BL14Customer Code Maintenance
BL140Base List Worksheet Creation
BL141Base List Worksheet Update
BL15Recurring Invoice User Items
BL16Recurring Invoice User AOC
BL199Subledger Close
BL20Invoice Entry Screens
BL200Company Listing
BL201Process Level Listing
BL202Ship-To Listing
BL203Standard Comments Listing
BL204Customer Item Listing
BL205Sales Class Accounts Listing
BL206Invoice Type Listing
BL207Reason Code Listing
BL208Location Tax Listing
BL209Add-On Charges Listing
BL21Invoice Programmable Windows
BL210Item Add-On Listing
BL212Freight Code Listing
BL213Electronic Payment Types
BL214Customer Code Listing
BL215Recurring User List
BL216Electronic Payment Batch List
BL217Electronic Payments
BL219Customer Electronic Payments
BL220Invoice Status
BL230Recurring Invoice Listing
BL231Customer Recurring Invoices
BL232Billed To Date
BL240Worksheet Reprint
BL241Price Audit Report
BL243Price Book Print
BL244Discount Code Listing
BL245Price List Listing
BL246Contract Listing
BL247Promotion Listing
BL248Base Listing
BL29Invoice Batch
BL290Sales Journal
BL291Invoice Register
BL293GL Distribution Report
BL30Recurring Invoices
BL31Customer Recurring Invoice
BL32Comments for recurring invcs
BL320Invoice Purge
BL33Recurring Billing Entry
BL330Recurring Invoice Purge
BL331Customer Recurring Invc Purge
BL34Recurring Invoice AOC Entry
BL340Base List Worksheet Purge
BL341Base List Audit Purge
BL40Base List Maintenance
BL41Base List Worksheet Parameters
BL42Base List Worksheet Maint
BL43Worksheet Release
BL44Discount Code Maintenance
BL45Price List Maintenance
BL46Contract Price Maintenance
BL47Promotion Price Maintenance
BL48Price Book Maintenance
BL520Billing Interface
BL530Credit Card Interface
BL546Expired Contracts
BL80Invoice Inquiry
BL802Ship-to Load
BL81Invoice Line Inquiry
BL82Electronic Payment Transaction
BL820Invoice Load
BL85Sea Inquiry
BL90Pricing Inquiry
BL91Invoices On Hold
BL92Released Invoices
BL98Billing Interface Data
BL99Electronic Payment Conversion
BLFLBilling Flowchart
BLI2Invoke for copying attachments
BLI3Invoke for deleting attachment
BN00Company Parameters Maintenance
BN01Insurance Carriers
BN02Rate Table Maintenance
BN03Vesting Schedule Maintenance
BN04Plan Deduction Frequency Table
BN05Letter Maintenance
BN06Flex Plan
BN07Stock Definition
BN08Flexible Benefits Parameters
BN100Employee Change Benefit Update
BN101Mass Benefit Add
BN102Plan Employee Update
BN103Mass Benefit Termination
BN104Frequency Table Update
BN105Plan Update
BN106Benefit Transaction Export
BN107Stock Splits Update
BN11Eligibility Postal Codes
BN12Benefits Annual Limits
BN13Benefit Plan Categories
BN134Current Flex Time Record Delet
BN137Stock Option Purge
BN138Vacation Hours Update
BN140Savings Bond Purchase Update
BN141Stock Purchase Update
BN145Flexible Dollars Calculation
BN15Benefit Plan
BN150Life Insurance Reportable Inco
BN16Benefit Waiting Periods
BN17Coverage Options
BN170Cobra Notification Report
BN171Cobra Notification Letters And
BN175Cobra/retiree Outstanding Invo
BN18Option Contributions
BN180Invoice/general Ledger Transac
BN181Invoice Print
BN19Options Contributions
BN190General Ledger Update
BN20General Ledger Overrides
BN200Company Parameter Listing
BN201Insurance Carrier Listing
BN202Rate Table Listing
BN203Vesting Schedule Listing
BN204Deduction Frequency Table List
BN205Broker Listing
BN206Flex Plan Listing
BN207Stock Listing
BN215Plan Parameter Listing
BN216Benefit Entry Rules Listing
BN220Benefit Plan Status Report
BN223Stock Option Grant Listing
BN23Stock Option Grant
BN230Plan Participant Report
BN231Employee Benefit Report
BN232Benefits Statement
BN233Participnt/retiree Ben Report
BN234Employee Stock Option Listing
BN236Participation Listing
BN237Vesting Listing
BN238Vacation Hours Purchased/sold
BN240Savings Bond Balance Report
BN242One Page Benefits Statement
BN245Benefit Election Form
BN246Flexible Benefit Plan - Partic
BN247Beneficiary Listing
BN248Savings Bond Beneficiary Repor
BN252Benefit Plans Listing
BN258Reserve Account Balance By Emp
BN259Reserve Account Payment Report
BN270Cobra Participant Listing
BN281Cash Application Edit Listing
BN285Letter Print And Mailing Label
BN30Employee Benefit Selection
BN300Key Employees Report
BN305Highly Compensated Employee Re
BN31Benefit Speed Entry
BN310Top Heavy Report
BN32Benefit Changes
BN320Monthly Premium Report
BN321Dependent Benefit Listing
BN325Benefit Type Exception Report
BN33Emp Stock Opt Grant Mass Entry
BN330Defined Contribution Distribut
BN331HIPAA Certification Report
BN335employee deferal report
BN340adp test - average deferral pe
BN345Minimum Coverage Test - Percen
BN35Benefit Change Audit
BN350Minimum Coverage Test - Classi
BN430Benefit Purge
BN45Employee Flexible Dollars Main
BN46Flex Credits Inquiry
BN47Beneficiary Maintenance
BN48Savings Bond Owner/beneficiary
BN480Invoice/payment Purge Program
BN50Benefit Inquiry By Plan
BN51Benefit Inquiry By Employee
BN52Benefit Plans Inquiry
BN53Benefit Transactions
BN531Batch Benefit Enrollment
BN532Batch Benefit Enrollment
BN533Emp Stock Option Grant Convers
BN534EMP Stock OPtion Transact Conv
BN547Beneficiaries Conversion
BN55Employee Coda Account Balance
BN555DB-DC Account Balance Conversi
BN56Employee Compensation History
BN57Employee Vesting Hours
BN59Reserve Account Transactions
BN60Employee Savings Bond History
BN61Employee Stock Purchase Histor
BN65Benefit Simulation
BN66Estimated Take Home Pay Calcul
BN67Forecasting Defined Contributi
BN70Cobra Participant Maintenance
BN71Participant Benefit Maint
BN72Retiree Benefit Maintenance
BN77Benefit History By Participant
BN80Manual Invoice Entry
BN81Cash Entry/application
BN82Transaction Inquiry
BN85Free Form Letter Maintenance
BS01Annual Enrollment Rules
BS02Plan Group
BS03Self-service plan rules
BS04Coverage Option Dependents
BS05Web Benefits New Hire Rules
BS09Employee Annual Enrollment Rul
BS10Current Benefit Inquiry
BS11Employee Flex Dollar Inquiry
BS12New Plan Inquiry
BS13Election Inquiry for Cov Opt
BS14Election Inquiry for Coverage
BS15Election Inquiry for Contrib
BS30Web Pending Dependent Benefits
BS31Web Pending Employee Benefits
BS32Stop Benefits
BS531Pending Benefit Extract
BR00Activity Billing
BR03Billing Rates
BR04Burden Rates
BR06Invoice Groups
BR07Invoice Group Numbering
BR08Reason Code
BR09Jurisdiction Code
BR12Journal Codes
BR120Invoice Calculation
BR121Invoice Print and Interface
BR122Online batch invoice process
BR13Additional Contract Info
BR130Revenue Calculation
BR131Revenue Realization
BR140Billing and Revenue Backout
BR142Mass Transaction Hold
BR145Invoice Control Maintenance
BR15Fee Code Setup
BR16Service Location
BR165Contract Percent Complete Calc
BR17Bill-To Group
BR18Contract Category Group
BR19Single Invoice Calculation
BR190Billing and Revenue Recalc
BR20Invoice Edit
BR200Billing Listing
BR202Retainer Listing
BR203Billing Rate Listing
BR204Burden and Provisional Rates
BR205Milestone Listing
BR206Invoice Group Listing
BR208Reason Code Listing
BR209Jurisdiction Code Listing
BR21Invoice Cancel
BR210Contract Listing
BR211Activity Customer Listing
BR212Contract Modification Listing
BR215Fee Code Listing
BR216Service Location Listing
BR217Bill-To Group Listing
BR218Contract Category Grp Listing
BR220Invoice Audit Listing
BR245Invoice Control Listing
BR265Contract Percent Complete Rpt
BR300Invoice Purge
BR40Write UpDown
BR400Invoice History
BR405Milestone Analysis
BR41Contract Adjustment
BR42Unbilled AR Requirements
BR420Billing Invoice Report
BR43Journal Entry
BR430Revenue History
BR44Mass Transfer
BR45Invoice Control
BR450Unbilled Activity Aging Report
BR46Bill in Advance
BR515Fee Code Recalculation
BR516Fee Code Rebuild
BR521Billing Import
BR530Revenue Import
BR580Applied Balance Rebuild
BR65Contract Percent Complete
BR90Contract Modification Inquiry
BR96Transaction Analysis
BRBFBilling and Revenue Flowchart
BRCCContract Percent Complete
BRFLActivity Billing Flowchart
BRIPInvoice Print Program
BRRFBill and Revenue Flowchart II
CB00Bank Setup
CB01Credit Risk
CB02Bank Transfer Table
CB03Cash Receipt Category
CB04Cash Ledger Security
CB05Journal Book for Cash Code
CB06Bank Statement
CB10Cash Receipt Deposit
CB11Define Cash Code Group
CB15Bank Fund Transfer
CB175Bank Transaction Posting
CB180Cash Ledger Void Update
CB185Bank Tape Mass Reconciliation
CB190Bank Period Close
CB191Bank Statement Close
CB195Company Period Close
CB20Bank Transaction Entry
CB210Cash Receipt Deposit Listing
CB211Cash Code Group Listing
CB215Bank Transfer Listing
CB220Bank History Report
CB221Bank Transaction Listing
CB25Manual Reconciliation Entry
CB260Cash Account Activity
CB30Reconciliation Adjustment
CB300History Purge
CB500Bank Transaction Interface
CB80Bank Transaction Adjustment
CB85Tape Payment Rejection
CB90Cash Book Inquiry
CB99Balance Update
CBBICB Bank Transaction Code Edit
CBFLCash Ledger Flowchart
CXCPCopy preference to case
DT150Selection, Generation of Bill
DT155Bill of Exchange Print - Tape
DT160Remittance Selection
DT161BOE Remittance Selection - Tap
DT165Generation of Bank Remittance
DT166Generation of French BOE Bank
DT17BOE Comments
DT170Risk Review
DT180Bank Presentation, Cashing Upd
DT181Bank Presentation Cashing Upda
DT185Process Dishonored BOEs
DT190Bill of Exchange Closing
DT220Customer BOE Maturity Listing
DT270Bill of Exchange Risk Report
DT280Bill Of Exchange Listing
DT30Draft Acceptence
DT40Customer Draft Entry
DT42Bill of Exchange Maintenance
DT45Bill of Exchange Cancellation
DT52Draft Interface Maintenance
DT520Bill of Exchange Interface
DT60Draft Remittance Selection
DT70Remittance Maintenance
DT80Draft Cashing Selection
DT90Dishonor Drafts
DT92Dishonored Resolution
DT95Bill Of Exchange Inquiry
EE05Employee Expense Codes
EE135Mass Employee Release
EE175Company Expense Posting
EE20Employee Expense Report Entry
EE220Advance Edit
EE230Employee Expense/Advance Repor
EE235Expense Release Edit
EE275Expense Analysis Report
EE30Expense and Advance Matching
EE35Employee Expense Approval
EE52Expense Update
EE520Expense Interface
EE90Advance Inquiry
EEI1EE Comment Routine
EESUEE Processing Flowchart
ET01Expense Categories
ET02Non-Travel Expense
ET03Travel Expense
CA00Allocation Group Maintenance
CA05Allocation Code Maintenance
CA10Allocation Maintenance
CA110Allocation Calculation
CA15Allocation Control Maintenance
CA160Allocation Code Interface
CA190Allocation Interface
CA195Budget Allocation Interface
CA199Allocation Closing
CA200Allocation Group Listing
CA205Allocation Code Listing
CA210Allocation Edit Listing
CA215Allocation Control Listing
CA240Allocation Comparison
CA260Transaction Interface
CA290Allocation Ledger
CA60Transaction Interface Maint
FB01User Class Maintenance
FB10Spread Code Maintenance
FB100Budget Calculation - Computes
FB101Budget Calculation - Rates
FB11Budget Edit Group
FB111Budget Edit Group Build
FB120Intracompany Mass Budgeting
FB121Intercompany Mass Budgeting
FB122Budget Version
FB141Remote Budget Consolidation
FB145Budget Batch Journal Control
FB160Budget Edit Group Interface
FB165Budget Interface
FB190Budget Double Entry Posting
FB195Translation Calculation
FB20Budget Maintenance
FB201User Class Listing
FB21Budget Maintenance
FB210Spread Code Listing
FB211Budget Edit Group Listing
FB220Budget Listing
FB225Budget Control Report
FB230Computed by Acct Unit Listing
FB231Computed by Account Listing
FB235Interbudget Relationships
FB240Budget Journal Edit Listing
FB25Budget Control
FB260Budget Edit Group Listing
FB265Budget Interface Listing
FB295Budget to Budget Analysis
FB296Budget Audit
FB30Computed Budget Maintenance By
FB31Computed Budget Maintenance By
FB35Interbudget Relationships
FB40Budget Journal Entry
FB45Budget Journal Entry Control
FB60Budget Edit Group Interface
FB65Budget Interface Maintenance
FB95Budget Analysis
GL04Reconciliation Code
GL100Mass Chart Acct Change Delete
GL110Company Copy Delete
GL120Level Reorganization
GL122Mass Account Change Delete
GL130Chart Map Creation
GL134Intracompany Chart Map Maint
GL135Intercompany Chart Map Posting
GL141Consolidation Unload
GL145Journal Entry Hold Release
GL146Batch Journal Control
GL147General Journal Report
GL148Zone Rebalancing
GL165Transaction Interface
GL167Balance Interface
GL170Recurring Journal Interface
GL179Recurring Journal Closing
GL190Journal Posting
GL191Currency Revaluation
GL195Translation Calculation
GL196Report Currency Translation
GL197GL Commitment Period Closing
GL199Period Closing
GL204Reconciliation Code Listing
GL215Chart Compare
GL230Interzone Relationship Listing
GL235AR Currency Rounding GL Report
GL238Split Distribution Report
GL240Journal Edit Listing
GL241Period Transaction Listing
GL243Daily Transaction Listing
GL245Journal Control Report
GL247Centralization Book Report
GL250Ledger Report Listing
GL255Transaction Writer Listing
GL256Transaction Writer Report
GL265Transaction Interface Listing
GL267Balance Interface Listing
GL270Recurring Journal Edit Listing
GL275Recurring Journal Control Repo
GL281French Trial Balance
GL284AP Grand Livre Report - Period
GL285AP Grand Livre Report - Date
GL286AR Grand Livre Report - Period
GL287AR Grand Livre Report - Date
GL288GL Grand Livre Report - Period
GL289GL Grand Livre Report - Date
GL290General Ledger Report
GL291Trial Balance
GL292Balance Sheet
GL293Income Statement
GL294Projection by Level
GL295Projection by Account
GL296Currency Exposure Report
GL297Posting Sequence Number Report
GL298GL Commitment Analysis Report
GL30Interzone Account Maintenance
GL300General Ledger History Delete
GL310Report Currency Purge
GL320Consolidation File Creation
GL327Report Currency File Rebuild
GL328Daily Report Currency Rebuild
GL330Undistributed RE Rebuild
GL34Intracompany Chart Map Maint
GL35Intercompany Chart Map Maint
GL36Fiscal Year Mapping
GL40Journal Entry
GL41Ledger Journal Entry Inquiry
GL43Daily Transaction Analysis
GL44Report Currency Entry
GL45Journal Entry Control
GL50General Ledger Report Creation
GL500Fiscal Year Change
GL55Transaction Writer
GL565Treasury Mgmt to GL Upload
GL65Transaction Interface Maint
GL67Balance Interface Maintenace
GL70Recurring Journal Entry/mainte
GL75Recurring Journal Entry Contro
GL85Ratio Analysis Inquiry
GL90Transaction Analysis
GL94Commitment Analysis
GL95Account Analysis
GL96Query of Accounting Units
GL97Query of Accounts
GL98Query of Companies
GL99Organization Query
GLCCCreate Comments module
GLCTPrint translation rate errors
GLFLGeneral Ledger Flowchart
GLSCGL Security
GLSRGL Security Report
GLSVSet View
JB240Journal Book Report
RW00Report Writer
RW02Process Group
RW03User Class
RW100Report Generation
RW11Report Writer Header
RW200Report Listing
RW201Folder Listing
RW202Process Group Listing
RW203User Class Listing
RW205Data Dictionary Listing
RW210Row Listing
RW215Row Chart Compare
RW220Format Listing
RW230Ratio Listing
RW240Group Listing
RW250Compute Listing
RW260Total Range Listing
RW270Total Name Listing
RW298Usage Report
RW299Detail Report Listing
RW50Compute Statement
RW590Data Dictionary Load
RW591AC Subset Data Dictionary Load
RW60Total Range
RW80RW Drill Back
HC01Compensation Data Mart Dimens
HC02Headcount and Turnover Setup
HC03Schedule Dimension
HCAGComp Data Mart Age Load
HCCECompensation Data Mart Edit
HCCPComp Data Mart Org Load
HCDLComp Data Mart Data Load
HCEALoad Employee Attributes
HCEMComp Data Mart Emp Load
HCHEHeadcount Data Mart Edit
HCHMHeadcount Measures Build
HCHPHeadcount Data Load
HCJALoad Job Attributes
HCJCComp Data Mart Job-Code Load
HCMSComp Data Mart Measures Load
HCPOComp Data Mart Position Load
HCRVComp Data Mart Perf-Rate Load
HCSCComp Data Mart Schedule Load
HCSUComp Data Mart Supervisor Load
HCYRComp Data Mart Years Load
ES02Employee Personal Selects
ES10Family Status Change History
HACVActivity Selection Invoke
HAP2App Opt 2 Selection Invoke
HAP3Apl Opt 3 Selection Invoke
HAPLApplicant Selection Invoke
HATCAttend Class Selection Invoke
HAXXActivity-Acct Cate Selection
HBACBank Account Selection Invoke
HBNKBank Code Selection Invoke
HCUCCurrency Selection Invoke
HCVOCov Option Selection Invoke
HDCLDed Class Selection Invoke
HDDCDeduction Selection Invoke
HDPTDepartment Select Invoke
HEMDDependent Selection Invoke
HEMPEmployee Selection Invoke
HEMSEmployee Status Select Invoke
HEP2Emp Opt 2 Selection Invoke
HEP3Emp Opt 3 Selection Invoke
HEP4Emp Opt 4 Selection Invoke
HFLPFlex Plan Selection Invoke
HGDTAccount Selection Invoke
HGLMAccount Selection Invoke
HGLNAcct Unit Selection Invoke
HGLSDist Comp Selection Invoke
HHCNAdditional Contacts Select Inv
HHSUSupervisor Select Invoke
HJBCJob Code Select Invoke
HJCLJob Class Selection Invoke
HOSHOSHA Selection Invoke
HPAEContact Selection Invoke
HPATAction Code Selection Invoke
HPBGPrbusgrp Selection Invoke
HPCDPay Code Selection Invoke
HPCLPay Class Selection Invoke
HPCOPCODES Select Invoke
HPJRRequisition Selection Invoke
HPLCPlan Class Selection Invoke
HPLMPlan Name Selection Invoke
HPLNPlan Code Selection Invoke
HPOSPosition Selection Invoke
HPQCPrqcentgrp Selection Invoke
HPRGEmployee Grp Selection Invoke
HPROPay Code Selection Invoke
HPRSProcess Level Select Invoke
HPSGPay Sum Grp Selection Invoke
HPXCTax Category Selection Invoke
HR00Company Parameters Maintenance
HR01Process Level Maintenance
HR02Department Maintenance
HR03Employee Status Maintenance
HR04Hr Codes Maintenance
HR05Job Class Maintenance
HR06Job Codes
HR08Payroll Processing Groups
HR09Security Level
HR10Data Item Attributes
HR100Lawson Delivered Files Purge
HR105Employee Audit Report
HR11Employee Maintenance
HR12Employee Security Class Maint
HR125Employee Audit Purge
HR13Employee Dependents
HR130Correspondence Purge
HR14Additional Positions
HR15Employee-Applicant User Fields
HR155Employee Group Update
HR16State Information
HR17State Information
HR170HR Writer Report Request
HR18State Information
HR20Additional Contact Numbers
HR200Company Listing
HR201Process Level Listing
HR202Department Listing
HR203Employee Status Listing
HR204HR Code Listing
HR205Job Class Listing
HR206Job Code Listing
HR207Supervisor Listing
HR208Processing Group Listing
HR209Security Level Listing
HR21Work Schedule
HR210Data Item Attribute Listing
HR211Employee Listing
HR212Employee Security Class List
HR213Employee Dependent Listing
HR217Work Eligibility Listing
HR22Job Occupation Codes
HR220Additional Contact Listing
HR221Work schedule Report
HR222Job Occupation Codes Listing
HR230Correspondence Tracking Listng
HR25Grant Management Pay Code
HR250Grant Management Pay Code List
HR255Employee Group Listing
HR30Correspondence Tracking
HR403Country Specific HR Code List
HR506Job Code Conversion
HR507Supervisor Conversion
HR511Employee Conversion
HR513Dependent File Load CSV
HR514Alternate Rates Conversion
HR515User Field Conversion
HR521Employee History Conversion
HR54Employee History Correction
HR55Employee Group Maintenance
HR60Author Maintenance
HR64Title Search
HR65Hr Writer Set Up
HR67Compute Statement Maintenance
HR68Hr Writer Data Item Security
HR70Hr Writer Inquiry
HR79Currency Calculation
HR80HR Codes
HR81HR Codes
HR82HR Codes
HR83HR Codes
HR84HR Codes
HR85HR Codes
HR86HR Codes
HR87HR Codes
HR88HR Codes
HR89HR Codes
HR91HR Codes
HRCLInvoke: Compa Ratio,Pct of Rng
HREFReference Selection Invoke
HRHIHistory Retrieval Routine
HRLOHistory Logging Routine
HRQCRequired Code Selection Invoke
HRS1Select Control
HRSCSelect Control
HRSTString Formatting Routine
HRSUHuman Resources Set-Up
HS10Direct Report Inquiry
HSGDPay Step Selection Invoke
HSGHSchedule Selection Invoke
HVALValue List Select Invoke
HVTBVendor Selection Invoke
HWCACA Workers Comp Select Invoke
HWCCWorkers CC Selection Invoke
HWSCWork Schedule Selection Invoke
PR21Overtime Plan
PR221Pay Plan Listing
IA00OLAP Destinations
IA01Data Mart Types
IA02Star Schema Dimension Manager
IA03Define Data Mart Group
IA04Member Maintenance
IA05OLAP Tool Details
IA08Lawson Locale Mapping
IA10OLAP Database Manager
IA100Data Mart Type Load
IA11OLAP Database Profiles
IA115Alias Names Import Export
IA12Member Maintenance
IA120Data Mart Load
IA125ASP Site Data Mart Update
IA13Data Sources
IA14Dimension Member Overrides
IA15OLAP Dimension Definition
IA150XML Data Mart Interface
IA16Profile Data Sources
IA199Customer Data Mart Update
IA20Data Mart Maintenance
IA200Unix ESSCMD Interface
IA300Delete Members
IA80Time Dimension Definition
IA85Year Dimension Definition
IA90ASP Client Definition
IA99XML Essbase Update
IAAHDimension Attribute Inquiry
IAAPDimension Definition Interface
IACPInvoked Essbase Names Format
IADEInvoked Dimension Edit
IADMInvoked Dimension Type
IADTInvoked Data Load Template
IAEDData Mart Setup Validation
IAERASP Error Messages
IAFMInvoked Data Fix Member
IAHSHyperion Essbase OLAP Services
IALLInvoked Lawson Locales
IAMBInvoked Member List Update
IAMDInvoked Delete Member
IAMRInvoked Member Update
IAMSMicrosoft OLAP Services
IANMLevel Names
IAPFOLAP Profile Retrieval
IARFInvoked Dimension Template
IARPRequest Period Detail
IARTRequest Time Parameters
IASDSimple Data Mart Drill Around
IASVService Bureau Data Marts
IATBTime member name build
IATMTime Dimension Build
IATSInvoke Data Load Time Storage
IAVOCreate Vend Dimension Outline
IAYRYear Dimension Build
DR100Distribution Requirements Repo
DR25Planned Orders
DR40Time Phased Order Point
DR42Time Phased Order Point Buyer
IC00Item Group
IC03Report Group
IC04General Ledger Category
IC05Sales Class
IC06Inventory Class
IC07Purchasing Class
IC08Generic Names
IC09Hazardous Codes
IC10Item Formats
IC11Item Master
IC110Intransit Shipping
IC12Item Location
IC120EOQ and Reorder Calculation
IC125Standard Cost Valuation
IC13Item Substitutes
IC130General Ledger Interface
IC131Build Stock Ledger,Purch Journ
IC134Inventory Turnover
IC135Inventory Turnover by Issues
IC138Bin Replenishment Report
IC14Manufacturer Code
IC140Vendor Reorder Advice
IC141Location Replenishment Report
IC142Replenishment by Requisition P
IC143Finished Good Replenishment
IC145Stock Status Report
IC15Bin Definition
IC150Movement Analysis - Cost
IC151Movement Analysis - Sales
IC152Movement Analysis - GMROI
IC153Product Transfer,Resale Report
IC16UNSPSC Product Codes
IC17Reason Codes
IC170Freeze Selected Items
IC175Update Variances
IC179Delete Freeze Records
IC18Item Comments
IC180Dictionary Setup
IC182Par Location Utilization
IC183Par Level Load
IC191Item Master Audit Trail
IC192Item Location Audit Trail
IC199Subsystem Close
IC200Item Group Listing
IC201Company Listing
IC202Location Listing
IC203Report Group Listing
IC204General Ledger Category Listin
IC205Sales Class Listing
IC206Inventory Class Listing
IC207Purchase Class Listing
IC208Generic Name Listing
IC209Hazard Code Listing
IC210Item Master Listing
IC211Item Location Listing
IC212Item Comments Listing
IC213Item Substitutes Listing
IC215Bin Listing
IC217Reason Code Listing
IC219Forecast Listing
IC220Transaction History Report
IC221Open Intransit Report
IC222Unreleased Documents
IC223Availability Report
IC224Gross Margin Return on Investm
IC225Inventory Reorder Advice
IC226Leadtime Review Report
IC227Potential Obsolete
IC228Potential Overstock
IC229Transactions by Reason Code
IC23Intransit Receiving
IC230Lot Status Report
IC232Serial Status Report
IC233Inventory Valuation
IC234Period End Valuation
IC235Market Inventory Valuation
IC236Freight Class Listing
IC237Unapproved Bin Report
IC238Bin Stock on Hand Report
IC239Forecast Variance
IC240General Ledger Audit Report
IC241Bin Reorder Policy Listing
IC242Transaction Audit Report
IC243Killed Item Report
IC244Inventory Issue Document
IC246Inventory Status Report
IC25Document Release
IC26Bin Transfers
IC260Kit Assembly Listing
IC262Finished Good Listing
IC263Burden Listing
IC27Lot Hold Control
IC270Count Sheets
IC271Select ID Listing
IC28Cost Adjustments
IC280Distribution History Report
IC281Par Inventory Worksheet
IC282Requesting Location Usage
IC283Par Location Valuation
IC284Variance Explanations
IC286Accuracy Progress
IC287Transactions by Document Type
IC289Batch Handheld Stop of IC588
IC29Lot Serial Bin Entry
IC290Item Format Listing
IC295Count Control Status
IC30Item Search
IC300Inventory Purge
IC31Item Location Balances
IC32Keyword Synonym
IC320Mass Item Location Copy
IC33Ship to Facility Management
IC330Item Mass Change
IC331Par Cart Mass Changes
IC34Manufacturer Relationship Mngt
IC35Inquiry Formats
IC36User Defined Item Inquiry
IC37Daily Transaction Summary
IC38Bin Reorder Policy
IC39Freight Class
IC40Availability By Location
IC41Items Within A Bin
IC42Stock On Hand Detail
IC43Bin Type Inquiry
IC44Inventory Stock Status
IC45Stock Status
IC46Inventory Status
IC47Cost History
IC48Open Intransits
IC49Usage History
IC50Transaction History
IC500Transaction Interface
IC51Available Bin Space
IC516Load UNSPSC Product Codes
IC519Forecast Interface
IC52Serial or Lot History
IC520Handheld Item Master Interface
IC521Bar Code Item Master Interface
IC522HL7 Item Master - Atwork
IC523HL7 Item Master - OmniCell
IC524CSV Item Master
IC525HL7 Item Master Interface
IC526HL7 Item Master - HBOC/SSG
IC527HL7 Item Master - DBS
IC53Document Inquiry
IC530Prescient Extract From Lawson
IC531Prescient Extract to Lawson
IC54Inventory Control Adjustment
IC55Transaction History Inquiry
IC550Overallocated Items
IC57Physical Inventory Table Fix
IC574Physical Inventory Interface
IC588Handheld Processing
IC589Forecast Transfer
IC59Create Label Entry
IC590Out of Stock Extract
IC598Bin Label Export
IC599Label Print Export
IC60Kit Assembly
IC61Kit Component Replacement
IC62Finished Goods
IC65Component Where Used
IC67Kit Availability
IC68Finished Good Availability
IC70Select IDs
IC72Counts by Page
IC73Count Detail
IC74Random Counts
IC76Variance Reasons
IC78Select ID Status
IC800Keyword Search Load
IC81Cart, Par Location
IC811Item Master Load
IC812Item Location Load
IC82Par Location Item Mass Change
IC820Beginning Balance Load
IC83Par Location Counts
IC840Cart Par Location Conversion
IC841General Ledger Category Conv
IC850Transaction Load
IC851History Load
IC88Handheld Processing Parameters
IC89Handheld Start - Stop of IC588
IC90Bin Transfers
ICCPIC Company edit
ICFLInventory Control Flow Chart
ICFMInventory Flow Chart Reports
ICI1UOM Routines Object
ICI4ITEMUPC Invoked Object
ICI5ITEMUPN1 Invoked Object
ICI6ITEMUPN2 Invoked Object
ICI7ITEMSKU Invoked Object
ICI8Lookup Item by Alternate Code
ICIAKeyword Search INVOKED Object
ICIBKeyword Load INVOKED Object
ICICITEMNDC Invoked Object
ICIGEdit Item Category
ICITEdit item
ICLCItem Location Lookup
PC08Price Class
PC10Patient Charge Items
PC120Price Calculation
PC20Patient and Charges
PC210Patient Charge Reconciliation
PC310Patient Purge
PC320Patient Charges Purge
PC520Patient Upload
PC521HL7 ADT Patient Interface
PC530Patient Charge Download
PC540Patient Charge Upload
PC810Patient Charge Item Conversion
SEA1Item listing build for webreqs
CU00Currency Table
CU01Currency Codes
CU02Currency Relationships
CU03Currency Relationship Accounts
CU05Translation Codes
CU10Conversion Rates
CU160Currency Rate Interface
CU161Interface Translation Rates
CU162Currency Relations Interface
CU20Translation Rates
CU201Currency Codes Listing
CU202Currency Relationship Listing
CU203Company Currency Gain/Loss Acc
CU205Translation Code Listing
CU210Exchange Rate Listing
CU220Translation Rate Listing
CU260Currency Rate Interface Listin
CU261Translation Interface Listing
CU262Currency Rel Interface Listing
CU300Currency Rate History Delete
CU60Currency Rate Interface Maint
CU61Translation Interface Maint
CU62Currency Relation Maint
FB00Global Factors
FB200Global Factors Listing
GL00Chart of Accounts
GL01System Control Maintenance
GL02Subaccount Definition
GL03View Chart of Accounts
GL05Source Code Maintenance
GL08Organization Relationship Mnt
GL09Account Relationship Mnt
GL105System, Source Code Load
GL106Subledger Attribute Load
GL11Define Company Group
GL12Journal Hold Codes
GL121Mass Account Addition
GL123Acct Unit Template Conversion
GL124Mass Accounting Unit Addition
GL13Subaccount Template
GL14Accounting Unit Template Def
GL16Account Attributes
GL160Chart of Accounts Interface
GL161Accounting Unit Interface
GL162AU Attribute Interface
GL19Language Code Maintenance
GL198Non-GL Period Closing
GL20Accounting Units
GL200Chart of Accounts Listing
GL201System Control Listing
GL205Source Code Listing
GL208Organization Relationship List
GL209Account Relationship Listing
GL21Query List Members
GL210Company Listing
GL211Company Group Listing
GL213Subaccount Template Listing
GL214Accounting Unit Template List
GL216Acct Unit-Accts Template List
GL219Language Code Listing
GL22Query Account List Members
GL220Accounting Unit Listing
GL221Posting Accounts Listing
GL222Posting Accounts Listing by Ac
GL223Template Conversion Listing
GL225Intercompany Relationship List
GL23Template Acct Unit Maintenance
GL24Auto Reorg Level Address Maint
GL25Intercompany Account Maint
GL260Chart Interface Listing
GL261Acct Unit Interface Listing
GL262AU Attribute Interface Listing
GL311Remote Site GL Transaction Upl
GL342Journal Entry Log Mass Delete
GL38Recurring Journal Interface
GL42Journal Entry Log
GL60Chart Interface Maintenance
GL61Acct Unit Interface Maint
GL62AU Attribute Interface Maint
GLACGL Build Account Matrix List
GLAVGL Build Account View
GLBABuild Product Dimension
GLBDBuild Daily Year Dimension
GLBLGL Build Acct Unit Matrix List
GLBPBuild Period Dimension
GLBTBuild Type Dimension
GLBYBuild Year Dimension
GLCVGL Chart View Build
GLDEFinancial Data Mart Edit
GLDMFinancial Data Mart Setup
GLDXDaily Rpting Data Mart Setup
GLEXGeneral Ledger Explorer
GLOPFinancial OLAP Data Build
GLRVGL RW Value Retrieval Routine
GLSUGeneral Ledger Basic Flowchart
GLVWGL Build Acct Unit View
IF00Address Codes
IF10Look Up Table Update
IF15IFMONITOR Maintenance
IF20Accounting Unit Smart Select
IFACGeneral Ledger Account Edit
IFASAccounts Dimension
IFAUGL Accounting Unit Edit
IFBABuild Account Dimension
IFBCBuild Currency Dimension
IFBOBuild Organization Dimension
IFBSBuild Scenario Dimension
IFCUCurrency Calculation
IFEOOrganization Dimension
IFERPrint Processing Errors
IFFCGt70disk Filename Create
IFIMPrint Interface for IFIMN80PD
IFJRInterface JE Report
IFLUMatrix List Update
IFOBAssign Object ID
IFOSOrganization Dimension
IFRSSubsystem Remote Site Inquiry
IFSCSource Code Category Retrieval
IFSGReturn Analysis Group
IFSSScenario Definition
IFTCCurrency Dimension
IFTRPrint Interface for IFTR80PD
IFUPUppercase Definition
IMDBImportDB Prompt
JB00Journal Book
JB200Journal Book Listing
MX06Attribute Effect Date Template
MX100Attribute, Element Load
MX123List Member Build
MX135ACCTU Attr Effect Date Update
MX160Attribute Valid Value Intf
MX200Element Listing
MX201Attribute Listing
MX202Attribute Value Listing
MX205Template Listing
MX210List Listing
MX220View Listing
MX223List Member Listing
MX260Attribute Valid Value Listing
MX500Attribute Value Population
MX60Attribute Valid Value Maint
MXFLMatrix Set-up
MA00Match Table
MA05Handling Code
MA08Add On Cost Code
MA126Auto Matching
MA180Open Receipt Archive
MA200Company Listing
MA205Code Listing
MA208Add On Cost Master Listing
MA231Receipt Edit Report
MA236Invoiced, Not Received Report
MA264Invoice Message Listing
MA278Cost Variance Analysis
MA310Pool Count Rebuild
MA41Add-On Cost Approval Entry
MA43PO Line Matching Approval
MA53Receiving Interface Edit
MA530ERS Invoice Creation
MA531Receipt Interface
MA54EDI Invoice Conversion Edit
MA540EDI Invoice Match Interface
MA60Reconciliation Queue
MA61Match Invoice Approval Screen
MA62Reconciliation screens
MA63Receipt Match
MA64Invoice Messaging Queue
MA65Match Detail Maintenance
MA66Review Invoice Message
MA67Update from VB frontend
MA68Invoice Balance from VB
MA70Reverse Match
MA75PO Invoice Cancel
MA80Online Receipt Archive
MA95Vendor History
MA999802 Company Update
MAEDMatch edits
MAFLMatch Flowchart
MAHAMatch Handling Code Edit
MAI1Invoke for MAMATCH Object
MAINMatch Invoice Messaging
MAPCMatch PO Code Edit
MAPLProcess Level
MAPOMatch Flowchart - PO
MARCMatch Reason Code Edit
MLRVML Retrieval Routine
OE11Comment and AddOnChg Windows
OE110Batch Order Release
OE111EP Batch Order Release
OE112Acknowledgement Print Report
OE113Quotation Listing and Delete
OE114Ship Immediates
OE116Order Line Mass Change Update
OE12Order Option Windows
OE129Daily Shipment Journal
OE13Order Line Option Windows
OE130Returns GL Posting
OE14Order Option Windows
OE16Order Line Mass Change
OE210Order Audit Report
OE229Inter-Company Shipping Invoice
OE230Returns Listing
OE251Order Type Listing
OE252Order Source Listing
OE253User ID Option List
OE254Standard Order Listing
OE259Order Discount Code Listing
OE260Route Listing
OE270Fill Rate Analysis
OE271On-Time Orders
OE272Reason Code Analysis
OE280Open Orders By Customer
OE281Open Orders By Operator
OE282Cancellation Report
OE283Price Overrides
OE284Credit Overrides Report
OE285Customers On Hold Report
OE286Orders On Hold Report
OE287Items On Hold Report
OE288Sales By Salesrep
OE289Sales By Item
OE290Sales By Customer
OE291Credit Hold Report
OE292Cash Down Payments by Customer
OE293Contract Status Report
OE294Credit Sales Report
OE310Order History Purge
OE330Returns Purge
OE51Order Type
OE510EDI Order Creation
OE52Order Source
OE53User ID
OE530Return Feedback Interface
OE54Standard Order
OE55Diagram Maintenance
OE56Return Interface Maintenance
OE59Order Discount Maintenance
OE80Order Inquiry
OE81Order Line Inquiry
OE810Order Load Program
OE830Returns Load Program
OE85Return Inquiry
OE86Return Line Inquiry
OE88Inter-company Shipment
OE90Orders On Hold By Customer
OEFLOrder Entry Flowchart
OEPFReports Flowchart
OESUSetup Flowchart
HS00Web Applicant Setup
HS11Web Competency Profile
HS12Web Expired Competencies
HS13Web Competency Compliance Rpt
HS14Web Profsnl Profile-Phys-Nurse
HS15Web Direct Rpt Inq - Emp Dtl
HS50Competency Profile
HS51Job Search by Qualification
HS52Group Qualif Gap Profile
PA01Position Class Maintenance
PA02Position Maintenance
PA03Position Change
PA04Personnel User Field Setup
PA06Position Rules
PA07Competency Proficiencies
PA08Job Functions
PA09Job Description
PA10Length of Service
PA100Action Update
PA102Position Update
PA103Mass Position Changes
PA105Employee Audit Report
PA11Assigned Resources
PA111Recalculate Assigned Resources
PA113Multiple Position - History
PA115Employee Purge
PA12Emergency Contact
PA120Applicant Purge
PA125Employee History Purge
PA13Multiple Positions
PA130Employee Comments Purge
PA135Applicant Comments Purge
PA14Employee Military Service
PA149Update Scheduled Tests
PA15Employee Medical
PA16Employee Company Property
PA17Employee Automobile Infor
PA170Budget Update
PA171Job Budget Transfer
PA172Initiate Budget Plan Data
PA18Employee Travel Information
PA182Salary Encumbrance Update
PA19Employee Job History
PA20Employee Education
PA201Position Class Listing
PA202Position Listing
PA204User Field Listing
PA206Position Rules Listing
PA207Competency Proficiency Listing
PA208Position, Job Description List
PA21Employee Skill
PA210Length of Service Report
PA211Assigned Resource Listing
PA212Emergency Contact Listing
PA213Position, Job Listing
PA214Employee Military Listing
PA215Employee Medical Information
PA216Employee Company Property List
PA217Employee Automobile Informatio
PA218Employee Travel Information Li
PA219Prior Work History Listing
PA22Employee Certification
PA220Education Listing
PA221Skill Listing
PA222Certification Listing
PA223Starters and Leavers Report
PA224Employee Relocation Listing
PA225Employee Benefits Listing
PA227Contract Listing
PA23Empl Job Authorization
PA230Applicant Status Listing
PA231Applicant Profile
PA232Applicant Reference Listing
PA233Applicant Job History Listing
PA234Applicant Education Listing
PA235Applicant Skill Listing
PA236Applicant Certification Listin
PA238Applicant Relocation Listing
PA239Applicant Military Service Lis
PA24Employee Relocation
PA240Applicant Medical Listing
PA241Applicant Interview Informatio
PA242Requisition Listing
PA243Job Requisition Log
PA244Applicant History
PA248Test Listing
PA249Employee,Applicant Test Listin
PA25Employee Benefit
PA250Personnel Action Code Listing
PA259Grievance, Disciplinary Listin
PA26Employee Review
PA262Qualified Employees Listing
PA263Qualified Applicants Listing
PA271Budget Listing
PA272Budget, Resource Listing
PA290Health, Safety Incident Listin
PA292Incident Establishment Listing
PA294Canadian EEA - Setup Listing
PA295Grade Range Schedule Listing
PA296Official Languages Bilingual R
PA30Applicant Status
PA302Position Purge
PA31Applicant Master Maintenance
PA310Employee Birthdate Listing
PA311Employee Profile
PA313Employee Pos,Job History Purge
PA315Employee Telephone Listing
PA320Employee Interoffice Directory
PA325Employee Post Office Mailing L
PA33Job History
PA330Employee Inter Office Labels
PA335Employee Listing
PA34Applicant Education
PA340Personnel Action Listing
PA341Hire and Term Listing and CSV
PA345Employee Review Schedule Repor
PA349Employee,Applicant Test Purge
PA35Applicant Skill
PA350Employee Review History Report
PA355Active Actions Report
PA36Applicant Certification
PA360Employee Wage Analysis Report
PA37Applicant Job Authorization
PA370Employee Review Document
PA371Budget Purge
PA372Health, Safety Incident Purge
PA38Applicant Relocation
PA39Applicant Military Information
PA390EEO-1 Report
PA391EEO-4 Report
PA393VETS-100 Report
PA40Applicant Medical
PA402Position Employee Listing
PA406Position Rules Audit Listing
PA42Job Requisitions
PA43Requisition Applicants
PA44Requisition Costs
PA45Requisition Offers
PA47eRecruiting Pending Update
PA49Employee Tests
PA490OSHA Log, Summary Report
PA495IPEDS Report
PA496Official Languages Report
PA50Personnel Action Code Maintena
PA502Position Conversion
PA512Emergency Contact Conversion
PA513Position, Job Conversion
PA52Personnel Action
PA520Empcode Conversion
PA53Personnel Workflow Action Over
PA531Applicant Conversion
PA532Resumix Exports
PA533Job History Conversion
PA534eRecruiting Employee Export
PA535e-Recruiting Requisition Conve
PA54Pers Action History Correction
PA549Employee,Appl Test Conversion
PA55Retroactive History Audit
PA56Personnel Action Comments
PA570Budget Conversion
PA59Grievance, Disciplinary Action
PA590Health,Safety Incident Convers
PA594EECRS CSV Interface
PA62Employee Job Qualification Sea
PA63Applicant Job Qualification Se
PA64Job Code Inquiry By Qualified
PA65Job Code Inquiry By Qualified
PA66Personnel Action History Searc
PA67Personnel Rate Change Inquiry
PA70Position Budget
PA71Job Budget
PA72Position Budget Plan
PA73Job Budget Plan
PA79Current Totals
PA80Position Budget Inquiry
PA81Employee Test Inquiry
PA82Salary Encumbrance Inquiry
PA90Health, Safety Incident
PA91Health,Safety Incident Inquiry
PA92Incident Establishment
PA93Eeo 1 Report Establishment Mai
PA94Canadian EEA Setup
PA95Grade Range Maintenance
PA96Offcl Languages-Bilingual Req
TR00Company Options Setup
TR01Course Setup
TR02Course Prerequisite Setup
TR03Course Attribute Setup
TR04Session Setup
TR05Track Setup
TR06Track Course Setup
TR08Course Instructor
TR09Instructor Session
TR10Course Cost Setup
TR11Session Costs Setup
TR113Group Track
TR114Job Code Track
TR12Employee Cost Setup
TR120Group Session Registration
TR121Job Code Session Registration
TR13Employee Training Required
TR14Instructor Course
TR15Training By Employee
TR200Notification Letter Extract
TR201Course Profile
TR202Course Catalog Extract
TR204Session Listing
TR205Track Listing
TR207Instructor Listing
TR21Employee Training History
TR210Course Cost Listing
TR22Complete Registration
TR220Session Roster
TR221Session Wait List Listing
TR222Employee Training Listing
TR26Employee Training Skill Maint
TR500Training Conversion
PBFEPrint for PBFEEs
PBIPPB Invoice Print api
PBWCWorkers Comp Table Load
PO00Procurement Group
PO01PO Company Setup
PO02Ship Terms
PO03Buyer Group
PO05PO Codes
PO06Freight Terms
PO10PO Vendor
PO100PO Interface
PO101Create Standing PO Release
PO115Procurement Template Mass Chan
PO12Comment Codes
PO120Mass PO Issue
PO122Transmitted PO Acknowledgement
PO125Print Agreement Item Descripti
PO13Vendor Item
PO130Receiving Document
PO131Receiving Log
PO132Print Vendor RMA
PO133Receiving Adjustment Log
PO134Receiving Delivery and Putaway
PO135Received, Not Invoiced Report
PO136Matched, Not Received Report
PO137Agreement Cost Update
PO15Procurement Templates
PO150Bid Load to Contract-Catalog
PO190Close Purchase Order Header
PO199Subsystem Close
PO20Purchase Order Entry
PO202Ship Terms Listing
PO203Buyer Group Listing
PO204Buyer Master Listing
PO206Freight Terms Listing
PO21Po Additional Info Aoc Entry
PO210PO Vendor Master Listing
PO212Standard Comments Listing
PO213Vendor Item Listing
PO215Procurement Template Listing
PO216Bid Analysis
PO22Authorization, Release
PO220PO Status Report
PO223Buyer Expediting Report
PO224PO Revision Log
PO225Vendor Agreement Listing
PO226Vendor Agreement Renewal Repo
PO227Agreement Compliance Report
PO228Consolidated Demand Report
PO229Vendor Agreement Format Print
PO23Purchase Order Worksheet
PO230Unreleased Receivings Listing
PO231Return Status Report
PO233PO Received Quantity Exception
PO24Sub PO Direct Approval
PO240Sub Contractor Monitoring Rpt
PO25Price Agreements
PO251PO Buyer Message Listing
PO254PO Inquiry Report from PO54
PO258Receipt Inquiry Report from PO
PO26Po Message Review
PO27Entry Windows
PO274Returns Analysis
PO275Delivery Date Analysis
PO276Deliver Quantity Analysis
PO277Deliver Quality Analysis
PO28Agreement Item Lookup
PO280Purchases By Class
PO285PO Activity By Source Report
PO29Copy Purchase Order
PO295Cash Requirements Forecast
PO30Receiving Entry
PO300PO and Receipt Purge
PO31Vendor Return
PO32GL distribution for returns
PO33Receiving Adjustments
PO330Arrival to Lawson Interface
PO34Inspection Accept Reject Entry
PO35Receiving Inquiry Approval
PO36Vendor Catalog Maintenance
PO39Additional Receiving Entry
PO44PO Line Source Maintenance
PO45Procurement Template Item Look
PO50Buyer Message Entry
PO501Purge EDI Files
PO502EDI Translation,Communication
PO503Check EDI Status
PO504Create Null EDI Files
PO52Buyer Message Review
PO520Purchase Order Matching Load
PO522PO Output Purge
PO529PO Receiving File Create
PO53PO Interface Maintenance
PO536Vendor Price Agreement Load
PO54Purchase Order Inquiry
PO550Bid Creation
PO560Bid Response Load
PO58PO Receipt Inquiry
PO63Po Inquiry By Item
PO64Po Line Item History
PO66Po Revision History
PO67PO Inquiry By AOC
PO700PO Hdr and Line Pivot UPGRADE
PO72Vendors For An Item Inquiry
PO81Vendor Return Inquiry
PO813Item Vendor Load
PO94Vendor Performance Inquiry
POA1Define Vend Analysis Data Mart
POA10List Duplicate Values for Data
POA2Define Vend Analysis Dimension
POA3Data Load for Vendor Analysis
POA4Update Analytics Calendar
POA5Update Attribute Parameters
POABCreate Buyer Dimension Outline
POAMCreate Measures Dim Outline
POAOCreate VA Org Dim Outline
POAPCreate Product Dim Outline
POAXData Load for Vendor Analysis
POCPCopy or Delete Comments
POF1Use POFL to access
POFLPurchase Order Flowchart
POI1Copy or Delete PAgrmt Comments
POI3Invoke for POPI70PD
POI4PODOCREF Invoked Object
POI6Assign Doc Number OBJECT
POI7POI7 Print Object
POI9PO Print Portrait
POIAPO Print Landscape
POIDPO Delivery Ticket Select
POIEDelivery Ticket report
POIFMMDIST Activity Commit
POIHUnit Cost Default
POILInvoke to Update PO Revision
POIMGL Budget Ck for PO and RQ
POITInvoke PO Total Method
POIXXML Generator
HS01Web Time Entry Form
HS02Web Pay Codes By Emp Group
HS03Web Pay Plan Dates
HS04Time Record Status Update
HS05Time Record Exception Setup
HS06Web Direct Deposit Rules
HS07SEA Notification Rules
HS20Time Form Inquiry
HS21Time Form Inquiry
HS22Direct Reports Time Summary
HS35Pending Time Records
HS36Pending Time Records
HS535Pending Time Record Extract
PR00Payroll Cycle Status
PR01Bank Account Code Maintenance
PR02Deduction Class Maintenance
PR03Required Code Maintenance
PR04Funding Sources
PR05Deduction Code Maintenance
PR06United States Tax Authority
PR07State Reporting Information
PR08Canada Tax Authority
PR09Head Process Level
PR11Employee Tax Reporting Info
PR110Step And Grade Audit
PR113US Tax Deduction Update
PR114Create Linked Deduction
PR115Ded, Garn Fee, PSG Update
PR116Step And Grade Schedule Update
PR12Automatic Deposit Maintenance
PR120Mass Pay Increase Program
PR125Ontario Employee Wages for EHT
PR127Year-End Parameters Copy/Delet
PR128Offset Time Record Creation
PR13Employee Taxes
PR130Canadian Vacation Payout
PR131Retroactive Pay Calculation
PR132FLSA Overtime Calculation
PR134Automatic Time Records
PR135Time Record Edit
PR136Missing Time Record Rpt-Update
PR137Batch Time Record Update
PR139Arrears Automation
PR14Employee Deduction Maintenance
PR140Earnings and Deductions Calc
PR141Payroll Register
PR142Consolidated Payroll Register
PR15Emp Deduction Speed Entry
PR155Bank Acct Reconciliation
PR16Step And Grade Schedule Maint
PR160Payment Print
PR162Payment Register
PR165Bank Reconciliation Tape Proce
PR17Workers Compensation Policies
PR18Workers Compensation Class Tbl
PR180Manual Payment Print
PR188Payroll Hours Update
PR189Gross Up Calculation
PR19ACH tape concatenate
PR195Accrual Program
PR196Period Closing
PR197Payroll Close
PR198General Ledger Posting
PR20Pay Code Maintenance
PR201Bank Code - Account Listing
PR204Funding Sources Listing
PR205Deduction Listing
PR206Tax Authority Listing
PR209Tax Reporting Groups Listing
PR212ACH Account Listing
PR214Employee Deduction Listing
PR216Step And Grade Schedule Listin
PR218Wc Classification Rate Listing
PR22Payroll Schedules
PR220Pay Class / Pay Sum Group
PR223Payroll Distribution List
PR225Garnishment Rules Listing
PR226Employee Garnishment Listing
PR227W-2 Parameter Report
PR229Pension Participant Listing
PR23Distribution Maintenance
PR230Standard Time Record List
PR239One Time Deduction Listing
PR24Shift Table
PR240Canadian Federal T4,T4A Slips
PR241T4-T4A Magnetic Media
PR242T4-T4A Reports
PR243Releve Slips
PR244Releve Magnetic Media
PR245Releve Reports
PR246Can Garnishment Rules Listing
PR247C Employee Garnishment Listing
PR248Canadian Annual Reports
PR25Garnishment Types
PR2501099-R Form Reporting
PR2511099-R Magnetic Media Report
PR252US Territory W-2 Form Printing
PR2531099-R Reporting
PR26Employee Garnishment
PR260Payment Detail Listing
PR265Year To Date Payment Report
PR27Year End Parameters
PR270Employee Wage Report
PR275Deduction Report
PR276Employee Deduction Report
PR277Garnishment History Report
PR278Workers Compensation Report
PR28Time Record Exception Setup
PR280Deduction Audit Report
PR281Manual Payment Audit Report
PR282ROE - Canada
PR283Employees with No Earnings
PR284Seniority Audit Report
PR285Dist Summ Type Report
PR286Report on Hirings
PR287Federal Tax Liability by Day
PR288Canada WC Classification Listi
PR289Weeks Worked Calculation
PR29Pension Payment Maintenance
PR290Quarterly Report
PR291Unemployment Continuation Form
PR292Quarterly UI Mag Media
PR293Enumeration Verification
PR294US Balancing Report
PR295Payroll Distribution Hist
PR296New Hire Reporting
PR297W-2 Form Printing
PR298W-2 Tape Creation
PR299MMREF File Creation
PR30Standard Time Record
PR300History Purge
PR313Tax Locator Deduction Purge
PR32Employee Daily Time Entry
PR33Time Speed Entry
PR35Time Record Maintenance
PR36Time Record Maintenance
PR37Batch Time Record Control
PR38Time Record Selection
PR39One Time Deductions
PR418Canada Workers Compensation Re
PR45Time Card Error Process
PR46Canadian Garnishment Types
PR47Canadian Employee Garnishment
PR50Employee Payment Inquiry
PR51Pay Stub Inquiry
PR512Employee ACH Dist Interface
PR514Employee Deduction Master Load
PR52Payroll History Year To Date
PR529Pension Payroll Conversion
PR530Time Record Interface CSV
PR55Dist Summary Type Inquiry
PR560Payroll History Load CSV
PR67State Reporting Information
PR70Payroll GL Dist - Currency err
PR712EAD Conv and PREMPBANK Load
PR80Manual Payment Entry
PR81Manual Check Reservation
PR82Payroll Adjustment Program
PR83Weeks Worked Adjustment
PR84Seniority Recalculation Inquir
PR85Payment Reconciliation
PR86Manual Check Replacement
PR87941 Information
PR88Payroll Hours
PR89Payroll Gross Up And What If
PR925Load Req US Federal Garn Rules
PR927PR27 Conversion for 1998
PR999Payroll Year End Close
PRANGet Annual Hours Routine
PRAUManual Check Audit Routine
PRBAGet Base Rate Routine
PRBNPayroll Cycle Benefit Edit
PRENPeriod Ending Date Routine
PRSASalary Allocation Routine
PRSCSelect Control
PRTFTaxFactory connection test
PRWCWorkers Comp Table Load
PVALValue List Select Invoke
UK02Bonus Pay Table
UK06UK Year-End Construction
UK10Pay Rate Table
UK102Bonus Pay Update
UK110Pay Rate Table Update
UK13Employee UK Taxes
UK141Payroll Register
UK145P45 Production
UK201P35 Listing
UK202P32 Reporting
UK210Pay Rate Table Listing
UK277Attachment of Earnings Report
UK330Time Record Export
UK46Attachment of Earnings Types
UK47Employee Attachment of Earning
UK50Pay Slip Enquiry
UK52Bonus Pay Accrual History
UK560UK Payroll History Load CSV
UK85Payroll Calendar Maintenance
UK87Uk Employee Working Pattern
MM280Departmental Procurement Exp
RQ01Location Maintenance
RQ02Approval Code Maintenance
RQ04Requester Maintenance
RQ10Requisition Maintenance
RQ11Kit Accessories
RQ111Print Requisitions
RQ12Approval Review
RQ13Direct approval
RQ140Requisition Status Report
RQ201Location Listing
RQ202Approval Code Listing
RQ204Requester Report
RQ230Department Usage Report
RQ235Issues Audit List
RQ240Requisition Volume Summary Rpt
RQ250Item Catalog
RQ300Requisition Purge
RQ35Requisition Returns
RQ39Feedback Returns Detail Entry
RQ40Requisition Inq By Location
RQ41Requisition Status
RQ42Requisition Inquiry By Item
RQ44Requisition Status Inquiry
RQ50Issues Inquiry
RQ500Requisition Interface
RQ510Inventory Depletion Interface
RQ511HL7 Inventory Reorder-OmniCell
RQ512PO-EDI 850 Requisiton Interfac
RQ513Inventory Depletion Interface
RQ810Request Location Load
RQCPCopy Attachment Comments
RQFLRequisitions Flow Chart
RQICInvoke for Get Item List
RQIDInvoke for Load Shopping Cart
RQIGInvoke for Get Template List
RQIHInvoke Determine Express Data
RQIIInvoke for Reqheader Inquiry
RQIJCopy a Requistion
SA00SA Company Maintenance
SA01Format Code Maintenance
SA02Company Budgets
SA03Customer Budgets
SA04Item Budgets
SA100SA File Create
SA101SA File Info Reset
SA110Summary Option Change
SA200Company Listing
SA201Format Listing
SA202Company Budget Listing
SA203Customer Budget Listing
SA204Item Budget Listing
SA250Sales By SalesRep
SA251Gross Profit By Item
SA252Gross Profit By Customer
SA253Gross Profit By SalesRep
SA254Contract Analysis
SA255Promotion Analysis
SA256Reason Code Analysis
SA257Performance Trend Analysis
SA258Sales Commissions
SA260Company Gross Profit
SA261Customer Gross Profit
SA262Item Gross Profit
SA270Company Margin-Markup
SA271Customer Margin-Markup
SA272Item Margin-Markup
SA280Company Booking Actual
SA281Customer Booking Actual
SA282Item Booking Actual
SA290Company Budget Actual
SA291Customer Budget Actual
SA292Item Budget Actual
SA300SA Detail Purge
SA310SA Summary Purge
SA80Summary Inquiries
SA90Formatted Inquiry
SACUCustomer Dimension Definition
SADMSales Analysis Data Mart Build
SAFLSales Analysis Flowchart
SALDSales Analyzer Data Build
SALOSA Location Analyzer Build
SAMMMeasure Dimension Definition
SAORSales Analyzer Outline Build
SASCScenario Dimension Definition
SASUSystem Setup Flowchart
SATETerritory Dimension Definition
SL00User Analysis Values
SL01User Analysis Group
SL02User Analysis Value Relations
SL40Error Transaction Edit
SLBLSL Build Usr Analysis Matrix
SLFDUpdate File Info
SLSBUser Analysis Retrieval by ID
SLSEUser Analysis Edit
SLSRUser Analysis
SLSSUser Analysis String
SLSUUser Analysis Unstring
SLUAUser Analysis Entry
SLVWSL Build User Anlys View
TA05Plan Class Maintenance
TA125Employee Plan Update
TA145Canadian Employee Enrollment
TA146Canadian Vacation Calculation
TA147Canadian Vacation Audit
TA148Canadian Vacation Rollover
TA170Time Accrual Update
TA175Cycle Processer Report
TA180Mass Plan Transfer
TA181Mass CA VAC Plan Transfer
TA195General Ledger Liability Updat
TA196Canadian G L Liability Posting
TA198Time Accrual Close
TA199Time Accrual Close
TA20Time Accrual Plan Maint.
TA205Plan Class Listing
TA220Plan Listing
TA230Calculation Listing
TA241Canadian Vacation Transaction
TA242Employee CA Vac Plan Listing
TA260Employee Plan Master List
TA265History Usage Report
TA270Open Manual Transactions
TA290Transaction History Report
TA30Calculation Maint.
TA300Time Accrual Trans Purge
TA310Employee Plan Purge
TA340Canadian Vacation Purge
TA341Employee CA Vac Plan Purge
TA40Canadian Vacation Plan Maint
TA42Canadian Vacation Adjustments
TA50Canadian Employee Vacation Pln
TA542Can Vacation Balance Load
TA570CSV Load Balances
TA60Employee Pln Master Maint
TA65Plan Master Inquiry Menu
TA70Plan Adj. Trans. Entry
TA80Employee Plan Transfer
TA81Employee CA VAc Plan Transfer
TE01Terms Code
TE02Standard Messages
TE200Terms Listing
TENANumeric, Alpha Format
TM01Attendance Code Maintenance
TM02Attendance Class Maintenance
TM201Attendance Code Listing
TM202Attendance Class Listing
TM240Employee Attendance Code Rpt
TM245Employee Attendance Class Rpt
TM250Attendance Code Dist Report
TM255Attendance Class Dist Report
TM260Absence Monitoring Report
TM265Lost Time Report
TM300Attendance History Purge
TM470Attendance History Audit Repor
TM50Employee Attendance Date Inq
TM52Attendance Inquiry
TM570Attendance History Conversion
TM60Employee Date Calendar
TM61Employee Days Calendar
TM70Employee Attendance History
TM71Attendance History
TP00Tips Company Parmameter Maint.
TP01Direct Tipped Jobs
TP105Tips Purge
TP115Gross Receipts Edit - Hours Wo
TP120Gross Receipts Edit - Employee
TP125POS Gross Receipts Interface
TP130Tip Pay Report
TP135Tip Calculation
TP140Tax Credit Calculation
TP200Allocation Level Listing
TP220Shortfall Allocation Report
TP230Year End Allocation Summary Re
TP231Form 8027 Magnetic Media
IN01Country Codes
IN02Region Codes
IN03ICN and UOM Codes
IN04Port Codes
IN06Statistical Procedures
IN07Nature Of Transaction Codes
IN08Intrastat Calendar Maintenance
IN120Intrastat Data Report
IN20Intrastat Data Maintenance
IN201Intrastat Country Code Listing
IN202Intrastat Codes
IN501Country Code Load
TX01Tax Code Master
TX02Tax Code Maintenance
TX03Tax Rate
TX04Tax Transaction
TX06Tax Report Maintenance for VAT
TX07Tax Usage Codes - for AP
TX08Tax Calendar
TX100Tax Analysis Report
TX101Journal File Create
TX120VAT Returns Report
TX125Purchase and Sales Report - Be
TX130EC Sales Report
TX140Vertex Quantum Geocode Update
TX200Tax Company Listing
TX201Tax Code Master Listing
TX202Tax Code Listing
TX203Tax Rate Listing
TX204Tax Transaction Listing
TX220Vendor-Customer Tax Audit
TX221Tax Transaction Audit
TX226Purchasing and Sales Journal
TX300Tax History Purge
TX301Journal Detail Purge
TX40Tax Inquire for Vertex Quantum
TX804Tax Transaction Conversion
TXFLTax Flowchart
HRLRDImport Employee Data
WFDSTReport Attachment Trigger
WFWKWorkflow Trigger
WH01Process Type
WH02Outside Warehouse Participants
WH11Shipping Method
WH110Batch Allocation
WH120Route Creation
WH126POD Print
WH130Pick List Print
WH131Bulk Pick List
WH132Batch Feedback
WH140Bill Of Lading Print
WH190Shipment Release
WH201Process Type Listing
WH210Route File Listing
WH211Shipping Method Listing
WH22Kit Options
WH220Ready to Allocate
WH221Allocated Not Printed
WH222Shipments In Process
WH224Packing List Print
WH225MSDS Listing
WH226Items On Backorder Report
WH30Picking Feedback
WH31Packing Feedback
WH32Shipping Feedback
WH33Detail Feedback
WH330Shipment Interface Purge
WH34Component Feedback
WH38Web Tracking ID
WH40Bill Of Lading
WH52Shipment Interface Maintenance
WH520Batch Feedback Interface
WH80Shipment Inquiry
WH81Shipment Line Inquiry
WH830Shipment Load Program
WHFLWarhouse Flowchart
WO10Work Order Forecast Demand
WO120Batch Work Order Scheduling
WO130Work Order Explosion
WO131Work Order Pick List Print
WO132Picking Feedback Update
WO133Production Print
WO140Production Feedback
WO20Production Schedule
WO215Item Document Demand Report
WO220Schedule Planning Report
WO232Work in Process Report
WO235Offsite Work Orders
WO250Component Usage Summary
WO251Finished Goods Produced
WO252Work Order Audit
WO255Burden Analysis
WO256Lot and Serial Nbr Traceback
WO280Work Orders Status Report
WO293GL Distribution Report
WO30Work Order
WO300Work Order Purge
WO32Picking Feedback
WO35Offsite Work Order
WO40Production Feedback
WO41Component Production Feedback
WO42Byproduct Production Feedback
WO45Reverse Work Order
WO510Wo Forecast Demand Interface
WO80Work Order Status
WO81Traceback Inquiry
WO82Finished Goods to Produce
WODLData Mart Data Load
WODMWork Order Data Mart Build
WOEXWO Explode Invoke Routine
WOFLWork Order Flow Chart
WOMEMeasures Outline Build
WOOROrganization Outline Build
WOPRProduct Outline Build
WOSCScenario Outline Build
WOSPWO Split Invoke Routine