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BN259 - Spending Account Payment Report

**Form Purpose
Run Spending Account Payment Report (BN259) to print a report of spending
account transactions from BN59.1 (Spending Account Transactions).

For each employee or COBRA participant, the list shows: benefit start date,
transaction date, transaction number, transaction amount, transaction
description, and the employee's termination date, if applicable.

Updated Files

    CKPOINT    -

Referenced Files

    BNCOMPANY  - The Benefit Company Parameters file is used to verify company

    EMPLOYEE   - The Employee file contains employee data.

    FLEXDOLLAR - The Flex Dollars file is used to verify whether a flex dollar
                 record is established for the date entered.

    FLEXPLAN   - The Flex Benefit Plan file is used to verify flex plans.

    HRSECLEV   - The Employee Security Level file is accessed by this report.

    PLAN       - The Benefit Plan file is used to verify plan codes.

    PRSYSTEM   - The HR Company and Process Levels file contains company
                 parameter data.

    RESTRANS   - The Spending Account Transactions file contains spending
                 account transactions.