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BN350 - Coverage Test - Classification

**Form Purpose
Run Coverage Test - Classification (BN350) to determine whether a qualified
pension plan satisfies the classification test.

For each $5,000.00 pay classification, eligible employees list along with
their birthdate and hire date. The report lists the plans in which the
employee is enrolled, including start and stop dates. The report shows the
total number of eligible employees and plan participants for each

**Processing Effect
BN350 compares the number of eligible employees with the number of enrolled
employees by classifications based on compensation. Each classification is a
$5,000.00 increment, using the rate of pay in HR11.1 (Employee) for each

Employees are eligible if they meet the employee group and benefit postal
code requirements defined in BN15.1 (Benefit Plan). BN350 uses the system date
to determine active participants.

Updated Files

    CKPOINT    -

Referenced Files

    BENEFIT    - The Employee Benefit file contains employee benefit records
                 for all benefit types.

                 The Employee Benefit file contains benefit records for plan
                 COBRA participants.

    BNCOMPANY  - The Benefit Company Parameters file is used to verify company



    EMPLOYEE   - The Employee file contains employee data.

    FLEXPLAN   -

    HRSECLEV   - The Employee Security Level file is accessed by this report.

    JOBCODE    - The Job Code Parameters file is used to access annual hours on
                 the job code.

    PAEMPLOYEE - The Employee PA Information file contains employee data.

    PGEMPLOYEE - The Employee Group Employees file contains employees in
                 employee group.

    PLAN       - The Benefit Plan file contains plan parameters for eligibility

    PRSAGDTL   - The Step and Grade Schedule Detail file contains pay rate for
                 employees with step and grade.

    PRSYSTEM   - The HR Company and Process Levels file is used to verify
                 company information.