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BS01.1 - Benefits Enrollment Rules

**Form Purpose
Use SEA Benefits Enrollment Rules (BS01.1) to view the overall rules used for
Benefits Self Service. These rules are used for

- annual enrollment,

- family status changes, and

- new hire enrollments.

This form is used for Benefits Self Service on the Web.

**More Information
Enrollment Rules define the Cost Divisor. This lets you determine how
contributions are displayed to the employee.

The Immediate Update option lets you define when and how benefit changes are

Test can be used to let the user go through the enrollment process an
unlimited number of times without updating the database. This is beneficial
for demonstrating and testing the enrollment process.

Yes-Immediate creates the benefit when the employee says Yes on the Final
Confirmation form.  This is just like adding the benefit directly on BN31.1
(Speed Benefit Entry).

No-Pending creates records in a pending benefit file the LOGAN productline.
When you are ready to update the benefits, you extract the records using LOGAN
to create a Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file, then load the benefits using
BN531 (Benefits Conversion).

For the annual enrollment process, whether you choose to pend the benefits,
or update the benefits immediately, the result is transparent to the employee.
After the employee completes the enrollment process, the application always
displays the employees latest elections when he/she returns to the enrollment
process at a later date in the enrollment process. The application always
looks for pending benefits, if they do not exist it will look for benefits in
effect for the New Date. If no benefits exist for the New Date, it will
display benefits based on the Current Date.

Note If you define Annual Enrollment Rules by Employee Group you can stagger
the enrollment process and reduce the impact on the server. For example, you
could have different regions do enrollment different weeks.

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